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  1. ewwww..... kinda spooky :D
  2. How long has the battery been in the back of the engine bay? I don't think they were on the 99+ Mustangs? :shrug:

  3. You're welcome! :nice:
  4. Is it me or does that engine bay look VERY SLOPPY(the wiring).

    I do like the way the engine LOOKS like, thats for sure!

  5. ok, w/this and the new corvette, i'm having car orgasm over here...
  6. So far, im only jealous of the interior...
  7. Hey! That GT badge is the same we're (Australia) already using on our Falcon GT! Exact same design.

  8. We've really gone back to the sixties haven't we? Notice how kind of blah the red car looks in the real world photo? I mean even at the low angle the pic was taken it says "Hi I'm a rental car! Spend 5,000 on a kit and I might look as good as a Corvette!" C'mon I'm gonna wait for a special edition or a tuner version. Nothing exciting here except the all new chassis.
  9. All I have to say is HOT HOT HOT! :banana:
  10. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally, I'm starting to like it. Gonna be hard to wait for a 2006 Cobra...
  11. Ill take one in blue
  12. wow looks great....I think I like the wheels (and grill) on the V-6 better though... :shrug:
  13. I kinda like the V6 too. Both of em look great, though.

    I see Electronic Throttle Control on the V8 picture. That's not good. :( Well, good for gas mileage (+0.2mpg, main driving factor behind ETC), but very bad for people who like to mess with their cars....
  14. Talk about manufacting cut backs...

    I wonder what else they shared.
  15. Am I the only one that doesn't really care for the interior??
  16. I don't care for the silver/brushed alum dashboard.
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Not open for further replies.