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  1. I prefer to see it a little differently: the Mustang GT does not share the badge with the falcon, it shares it with the Ford GT. :D


  2. Ok..after spending alot of time going thru the pictures, im going to give my opinion on the new design.

    1) Exterior- I don't like the front end, it seems to be a little longer and I don't like the way the front fascia is. The lights/fogs, grill, pony all don't seem right to me. The front end reminds me of a sad puppy. I def. like the car from the side though, looks very nice. I also like the back end, except without a wing. The tires don't seem to be wide enough though, so im sure with wider tires and a drop the rear-end will look awesome.
    2) Interior- Even though it is verry classy and looks to be very high-quality, there is too much going on. I would prefer an all black interior w/only the chrome air-conditioner vents. I think they spent too much time on the interior though. Also, the speakers protrude out way too much. But all in all, it's very classy and high-quality, but it would have been nicer if it were a little "tamer"
    3) Engine-It's faster than the previous GT, so nothing wrong with that. Im guessing 13.5's @ 103.
    4) Everything Else- it's def. going to offer a better ride and as general a better car than previous versions, so I guess we do have a winner. Only if the front end was nicer and the interior wasn't as flashy .

    All in all, this is MY opinion. Im sure some of you won't agree....but I thought I'd share my 2-cents.
  3. Ditto, but I don't really want to pass judgment until I see it in person. I've disliked a car in a photo before then after seeing in person I liked it.

    I'm dissapointed that they didn't have any '05 Stangs at the LA Auto Show this weekend when I went. I'm not too crazy about the retro look, I like to see more modern designs. but I must say when I saw the GT-40 at the Auto show yesterday in person, the retro look didn't seem to bother me. :D
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