05 Stang on TV last night

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  1. Man, I was watching TV last night and on channel 7 here in Detroit, Ford showed a video of a new red Mustang GT doing a smokey burnout. Let's just say that for those of you who had doubts about what the 3v 4.6 would sound like, well, to sum it up,......

    ....IT HAS BALLZ!!!

    It made me want to buy one right then. It sounded great. I can't wait to hear it in person. I just wish they hadn't put the mufflers under the bumper though. But anyhow...

  2. I seen it too it did a beautiful burnout and it sounded good as it was speeding down woodward in downtown detroit i even taped it
  3. Yeah ABC is saying detroit is showing it's the year of the car tonight. Which sounds more like what Ford said.
  4. 2005 Mustang

    Well, I'll be honest. When I first saw the concept car a year ago, I had my mind set on buying it as soon as it came out. Now, I've changed my mind at least until they get it right. See, the production car that we just saw is like night and day in comparison to the concept car. I was hoping they would build the concept into production but that is not the case. Somewhere in between they fugged it up. I hope Ford see the light and we get what we want.
  5. So you thought Ford was going to turn a car. That was built on a concept car budget (meaning very expensive). Into a production car? And ignored the fact that it was a 2 seater with a lowered roofline and hand built guages. I'm just trying to figure out why so many people thought the concept car was reality. And ignored the fact that a stunning majority of concept car never make it into production. And of those that do. May of them go through some kind of change.
  6. I actually hated the concept. When I first saw the concept at the Chicago auto show i thought Ford was crazy. It looked too much like a concept to be put into production. I like the production one so much better.
  7. I think it's that people can't figure out the meaning of a concept, maybe they get concept and production confused, like a sort of dyslexia?!? :rlaugh:

    You are telling me that custom hand built Mustang with a glass roof and a 2 seater with handmade gauges aren't cheap, and not very safe, or practical? Ha, I scoff at the idea of me catching on fire when I get rearended and the gas tank is punctured! What?!? I know every concept I've ever seen made it exactly to production, why Ford would *butcher* the production is beyond me?
  8. wheres the "This thread S**ks without a video or sound clip!!!!!" pic
  9. That video gave me chills....
  10. The Mustang is STILL the best sounding car on the planet ..... Hands down. That video is awesome!
  11. awesome video, I can't wait to drive one.
  12. "If I only had one car to drive for the rest of my life, it would be a Mustang" ...... Oh yeah !!
  13. Nice video but a couple of things I noticed.
    1. It said that both the 200hp and 300hp versions start under $20,000. Does that mean that you buy a mustang and the GT is an option? Don't see how a GT is going to start under $20K. Maybe it has always been like that, I have never bought a brand new mustang.

    2. Did anyone else think the exhaust on the video sounded a lot like Eleanor on Gone in Sixty Seconds? Been awhile since I have seen the movie but sounded very familiar! I hope that is what the new gt sounds like but I wonder if that was just for the media blitz.
  14. Did they say 200 and 300 hp versions, both starting under 20,000? Is that possible. My 99 GT was 23K without too many options. That would be great, unless I heard wrong.
  15. I got chills too from that video. At first, I couldn't wait to get a new GT as soon as they hit my dealer. Now, my wife thinks I should wait for the Cobra as it should be something special. I don't know if I can wait, cause 300hp is where I always wanted my stang. Hmmm......

    The video mentions that Ford will be offering 16", 17", and 18" wheel options. Really??? If so, I sure hope the 18" wheels are similar in size to the 2000 Cobra R. I believe the 17s are only 17x7's fitted with 235/55 tires (ouch!).

    Thanks for the video post. Awesome!!!
  16. The video of the Mustang was awesome - I want one mrore than ever... I also checked out the new Bronco, since I used to have an '86 and loved that sucker! The new ones look pretty lousy!
  17. He definately said it. Now whether he actually meant that is another story. I'm holding my girlish squeal until we get confirmation. But 20k for a car that's all around better than the current GT....they will sell an buttload of these things.
  18. I hope they don't bring that into production, or if they do, they don't name it the Bronco. It's a FWD platform for God's sake!!
  19. The only concept car that i ever remember a company bringing straight into production, sports car wise... was the original Viper. Maybe the Prowler too... but what do you people see, outside differences you had to expect, from the concept car?

    It doesnt' sit as low (well duh, we are not looking at the highest performance variant)
    The gauges don't look as nice (Ford can't spend 10 grand on gauges for a GT)
    2 seater (wouldn't be a mustang, it would be a corvette)
    rims (well, i guess tahts one difference)
    hood (i'm betting that hood is reserved for the shelby or the cobra editions, but regardless... its a hood)
    rear lights (those are off an old cougar or shelby and have no business being on a mustang GT)
    engine (did you honestly think a 400 horsepower engine was going into anything less than a Cobra?)

    Other than that, its 90% the same car. And I for one, think it looks awesome.