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  1. Plans are underway for the 2nd annual Texas Bullitt Shootout to be held on April 22, 2005. The 05 Shootout will be much like last with a few new surprises. It will again be a one day event. The difference is that everyone will be driving a little to the event. All Bullitts are invited down to attend. In fact I think at least one of the Canadian Bullitts should attend. This years Shootout will be in Longview, Texas. Racers will have a 1/4 mile track, Hallsville Raceway. For the DFW crowd it is only 2 hours away so you can choose to stay in Longview for the night or head back to DFW. The Friday is for Bullittheads to drive in and if we have enough interest we will arrange a meet and greet for Friday evening. This will give anyone that has not had the opportunity to attend a Nats to experience some of the fun, including the parking lot parties. If you have a date preference let us know. We are currently working on a host hotel. Our target price is below $50 double per night.This will be a quality hotel and parking for trailers will be available. Of course much more will follow. Mileage from Selected Cities: Dallas 120, Houston 210, Austin 269, San Antonio 347, OK City 330.

    More info at www.imboc.com