'05 V6 Dual Exhaust / Power Gainers

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  1. Okay, the previous owner of my '05 Mustang (my uncle) installed a true dual GT exhaust, what does that change installment wise? What all can I put on there that I might not have been able to put on before?

    And a second question, what kind of power gainers can I get for my V6? I would like to have pretty substantial gains, with prices. Please and thank you!
  2. As far as going true dual, that opens you up to a whole new realm of exhaust options. You now have the choice of running any GT exhaust that you desire. The dual exhaust conversion also helps the car breath a little better so obviously it nets you a couple extra horse power.

    As far as mods go, it's a matter of what you are looking for out of the car. Drag, Street, and Road race will all require different types of mods.

    For the normal street driver looking for a few horsepower the performance mods that would make you happy are as follows:\

    1. Gears
    2.Tuner (extra horsepower and also needed to recalibrate the speedo after a gear swap)
    3.Cold air intake
    4.Throttle body
    5.Exhaust (which you have covered)
    6.pulleys (yes the do work)

    As you add the mods you will notice a great deal of improvement. The best bang for your buck will be gears and the tuner.

    after that you can always look into cams and headers. headers are a complete PITA so leave those for last lol

    Remember, with performance mods you will need the suspension to get the power to the ground so springs, shocks/struts, lower control arm, and a nice tire will be neede on your list

    the v6 mustang can be pretty quick when done right. check out Central Florida Motorsports when you get a chance. They offer v6 parts and have a '11 v6 running 11's

    hope that helps :nice: