05 V6 Mustang upgrade mods advice

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by liimey, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. I have just purchased a 05 Mustang V6 Convertable ( White with Red leather). Picking the car up from the dealer on April 25th.
    I would welcome some advice on modifications I am interested in. I have already ordered a set of 20" Falken Koblenz rims (polished) with some Nitto 555 245 tires. My dealer assures me they will fit no problem, but the local mod store ( not really a wheel dealer) suggested they would rub a little.?????

    I also want to add a cold air kit. What is the best kit available and where can I order it from?
  2. MAC Performance also sells one I think!
  3. I looked on ebay and nobody was selling one for an 05.Did you buy one through someone on ebay?
  4. I have a MMR CAI (cost $199).
    I like it & it installed in 10 minutes.
    I know MAC also makes one & I don't know which is better.
  5. Thanks for the info. What increases in performance have you noticed. What are the canges in noise level.
  6. has anybody found an underdrive pulley set for a 2005 V6 ?
  7. 98v6 i dont believe anyone makes them yet, and i would doubt anyone does before the '06 model year.
  8. I'm surprised they don't, that's a simple cheap upgrade people would be willing to buy for a few extra ponies...
  9. im getting a CAI when i get my next check within the next week and was wondering do any one them require any special tuning?
  10. I think you can expect that any CAI will require a re-tune to work efficiently.
  11. In agreement with martimus,

    The CAI will need a retune for the EEC-V and PCM to properly compute the alogrithm outside the table specs set at factory. You could get away with not retuning, but you may set yourself for detonation due to the vehicle having a returnless fuel system.

    From an overall engineering stadpoint, adding the 20" tires will probably reduce any gain you will achieve with the CAI. The overall weight of the rim and size of the tire will require more power to produce optimal rotation for torque....In a handbasket increased tire size will steal your thunder. There have been a few good articles on this....you can also ask the experts at www.tirerack.com they will not lead you wrong to sell a tire.

    Good luck with the CAI..check the tire size and what you are hoping to achieve with the CAI.... may not be worth the money in the end...

    Have fun and drive smart..

  12. I appreciate your comments regarding the wheels and tires. I did think about this and tried to find a lightweight package. The wheels/tires I have ordered weigh 60lbs per corner. Do you know what the stock weight is as a comparison?
  13. way less than 60lbs per corner. I rotated my tires about 5600 miles, and if i had to guess id say not even 30 lbs a corner.
  14. Why not ??

    The 4.0 SOHC has been around since (at least) 1997 in the Ford Explorer and Ranger small P/U trucks.