05 v6 stang, blank canvas... what to do?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by confusedami, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. 05 v6 stang, Engine FIRE!

    ok, we had a nice bright red stang come in to work as a trade in, it came back from a test drive with the customer on a roll back:cry:...
    Engine compartment is toast. it looks like all the heat was up top, melted the front bumper, grille , headlights, roasted the front half of the fenders and melted the alum bracing under the hood. the temper in the metal of the rad surrport is shot i can twist the surport.. im tring to get my work to buy it back from insurance company so i can buy it in turn. If i remember i will take camara to work.

    my question is if i Somehow manage to get them to turn loose of the car... should i fix the 4.0? mind you everything firewall foward has to be replaced, except long block and steel/iron components. or pull the dash and do a swap? 4.6? or... 5.4? with navigator heads posibly? don't know. I'v done harness swaps before so its not a new subject to me, but im just now getting into the rwd V8 thing with my Tbird. I'v been 4cyl man since i got my drivers license... but I want more that doesnt involve hondas or rotary...

    and if i do get the car, I will sell my tbird for part funding.

    SO, If you had a blank canvas and 3-4.5k cash... what would you do?