05 vert caught on the street!

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  1. Am I the only one who noticed that the first pic is a hardtop? :bs: Are these photoshop pictures?
  2. Thank you. You beat me to it. :nice:
  3. I also noticed it, one way you can tell if its a photshop is by looking to see iff all the shadows are in order
  4. I can hear him now. "Crap I knew I shouldn't have taken the company car out for lunch. The boss is going to kill me."

  5. The shadowing looks kosher. But what are the odds of seeing two 05's at presumably the same gas station. Or maybe they were cruising together.
  6. Don't wait up on the retractable hardtop. Ford built ONE in '65 but it was too expensive to produce. You can convert a 65-66 hardtop with a kit that's available, but the cloth top one looks better.

    I agree the convert isn't all that great looking top up. In my opinion, the 65-66 Mustangs were one of the very few convertibles that look as good with the top up as down. The newer ones didn't make it. I think it is the mixture of round and square shapes that makes it look awkward, whereas the original was all low, smooth slick lines, and the top followed the lines.
  7. [​IMG]


    Look pretty similar, in terms of proportions, front and rear overhang, etc....and maybe the butt doesn't look as big on the vert (vs. 05 Mustang coupe)?
  8. its not a photoshop. the coupe has bullitt rims and the vert had the new 17's. a guy the other day said he saw tyhem both cruising together.
  9. The ragtop looks like a typical Mustang vert top. I just hope they use the '03-'04 Cobra vert top instead of the vinyl they use now. These pics are starting to eat at my patience. :bang:
  10. Maybe I'm blind but that middle pic top looks way to raggedy and the lower one looks colored on with two different shades of black and the lines to straight. And whats that big white spot on the top of the lower photo? Looks like someone missed a spot. :shrug: Hard to believe Ford would screw the top that bad on this redesign. Either way, its fugly. :notnice:
  11. Is it me or is the antanee actuatlly bigger than the current style?
  12. plus, look at the wheels. They're different in both pics
  13. I just hope they do not reuse the same mechanism for the top. The current one is a POS.
  14. Is everyone nuts? I just hope they offer both cars with that nasty leopard paint scheme and throw in a free matching cell phone!!! Then I will buy one for sure!

    But seriously, Lets see a show of hands. Who likes this new re-design? I'm not a fan yet. Ouch! I fell in love with our current body style back in 94 and loved the 99 and up update instantly, but am having a HUGE problem with this new 05. I guess it will have to grow on me. I wish it did'nt have too.
    This is the problem with the designers that did the new look. They are my age. I am 33 and I am supposed to like the new design because what? That I was born when THE Boss was new ! Damn again.
    Oh, and by the way, 91 super unleaded in California is hovering around $2.40 a gallon tonight. Damn. Damn again.
  15. You are in the minority. The majority seem to love the 05. It will be a run-away hit. Ford's biggest problem will be making enough of them to meet the demand. I have a 2001 GT and IMHO it looks like a tinker toy car compared to the 2005.

    I also remember a lot of people complaining about how ugly the 94 was when it first came out. AND I also remember even more people complaining about the 99 being ugly when it came out.
  16. Yes I am in the minority I suppose. Time will tell. Retro is huge in the design business right now. Of course thats what they thought with the 94 when it was new. Remember everyone ranting and raving about how awesome the running pony in the grill and the taillamps looked? I'm sure it will grow on me. Hypocrisy has no bounds. I will end up with one in the garage soon enough. We can't help it. We are mustang men. I would sure like to see what they do about the new Cobra mustang though.
  17. marcus95, this "retro" aversion that some people have is just stupid. Every car is "retro" unless they completely scrap the current design and go another direction. 99% of cars out there carry over styling from one generation to another. Thats how the car is recognizeable as that car. The 05 is not that retro. it takes styling ques from previous gens and modernizes them. There is nothing "retro" to get sick of. The truth is styling will always run in cycles. Most people, except enthusiats, will get sick of whatever the current styling trend is. It has nothing to do with the majority of people not liking retro. Thats an ignorant statement that seems to be used by everyone that does not like the 05. Ever consider it's just you? Or maybe that you are biased for some reason? In 2 or 3 years when its the norm, you will change your tune.
  18. In Arizona it is highly possible. There are 2 coupes and that vert cruising around together all the time. We see them all the time. Still no pics of the vert with the top down. Not sure why, it is beautiful here right now (65-80 degrees).
  19. I am not a fan yet either. If I wanted a '67 Mustang fastback, I would buy one. I really don't want a new 2005 looking "dated" and "40 years old" on day-one.

    I guess it is tough to look "retro" and not cross that fine line and become looking "old" or "antique". Chrysler had good results with the Prowler and the Cruiser because they were able to look retro without trying to actually look like some specific antique Chrysler model.

    I don't know... maybe you are right. It will grow on me. Possibly when the refresh the design in a few years, they will tweak it into something better.
  20. looks like crap. I hope it grows on me