05 vert caught on the street!

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  1. You are right that designs evolve, but "retro" is something different. "Retro" is when they do a rewind, and go back and reclaim a part of styling they have long since dropped. Basically, a discontinuity in styling by jumping back, rather than a more continuous evolution.
  2. I am one of the new Mustang fans who LOVE the 05 design. I think every Mustang design since the early 70's has been fugly as hell, especially the 5.0's in the 80's. I really love this design because it reminds me of the 65-72 design and I loved the fastbacks too, can't wait to get one.
  3. wow some of you are weird...the thread title is '05 vert caught on the street' and because you see a hardtop, you think its BS? wtf? there have been many reports of multiple cars crusing together in AZ, both verts and coupes. just kinda throws me that you would call BS just because there is a pic of a hardtop on a vert thread...if i had the pic, i post it too!
  4. Retro is new but looks old, if its not retro, than its an antique. An example is these new phones. They look just like the telephone of the 50s even have cords, only theyre stainless steel, they didnt come like that then. Also, their touch tone. They look like you have to dial each number, but you dont. I guess retroing a car is like remember the good stuff from the good ol' days, and replacing whatever bad, with todays good. In other words, the new mustang will come with a CD player than a 45 or 8track player.

    Every company has tried to rediscover their roots. Take nike for an example. It got so bad that ever new shoe design was some butt ugly basketball shoe. Even if they were economical, no person with taste would buy them. Then suddenly they reintroduced their cortez shoe. The shoe that everyone fell in love with in the 70s&80s. Now its the 21st century and everyones wearing that instead of the bling bling $200 basketball shoes.

    I still like the 94s over the 05s, but they did a good job to rediscover the classic mustang. You want the same 60s car? they reopened the Dallas plant. People will be buying the 05 for a different reason. Anyways, some cars just make no sense, the GTO, the Malibu... ...do they look anything like the vehicle theyre named after? With the mustang and thunderbird, at least ford is trying to recreate the past.

    Oh, and in the discussion over the tacky tops (sorry I jumped into thew topic late) Yeah, if its a good day tops will be down. However there are just some nuts who believe its either too cold or too hot, only have the top down like 4 days out of the year. These people are the ones you find with the top down and windows up. Oh too windy. Too hot, too cold, too windy... ...get a coupe people! Hopefully ford will introduce a hard top like the '94s were suppost to come with.
  5. I only called :bs: cause that top in the parked vert looks to raggedy to be new, and the one going around the corner looks like its drawn on with the funny lines and the white spot at the top. Either way, its ugly. :shrug:
  6. I agree MP67, it is pretty damn ugly. To me it looks like a 90's Mustang with an 05 body kit thrown on it, hopefully the realy things look nicer than that.
  7. I agree. The 05 Mustang is certainly not "retro" in sizing, proportions or shape. There are a couple of styling cues, but it is narrower, higher and completely different shape from original Mustangs. The only real "retro" out there is the current Thunderbird. It is same size, shape and proportions as the original, just softened and modernized. (Too bad they put such a wimpy motor and no transmission choice.) Personally, I like "retro" as I still have a 65 and loveit. I was hoping for a more retro new Mustang, but really, styling-wise it is only a little bit different from the current one. Just grille shape, basically, and minor sheet metal changes. One would never know from looking that they changed the chassis, and really, we just have rumor on that. I will still be looking UP at the new Mustang drivers seated at the traffic light.
  8. Good Genes

    Maybe chrysler didn't have a problem with the Prowler or POS Cruiser looking like an antique Chrysler because they were stolen from other company's Heritage! I can't recall off hand which cars they even said they "Emulated" but they weren't Chryslers, or even other MOPAR vehicles.

    As for the 05 looking dated, HELLO! The 05 is as modern as any other car coming out today. Look at it's stance, it's proportions, the way the panels line up, and are put togeather! This is a MODERN CAR, with great bloodlines!

    As for it looking 40 years old, Well the Mustang's been around for the last 40 years. I don't think it looks 40 years old. It looks like the great, great, grandchild of a beautiful 40 year old!
  9. The Prowler doesn't look like ANY company's cars. It is a copy of a classic hot rod - an individually built car! Cruiser - again, a hot rodder's version of any number of 30s sedans. But with a Neon mechanicals yecccchhhh!!
  10. I think I agree. Very different, but the family resemblance is there!! :nice:
  11. as for you people saying the top looks ugly, ever think that maybe this is not the production top and just an old top they threw on for testing of the car's structural integrity. Time will tell in only a few months.
  12. WOW! Just came back to the thread.
    Well, I won't apologize for posting my own opinion eariler in the thread. I do apolgize for hijacking the topic though. All it was about was some early spy pic's of the new car. I chimed in with an opinion best suited for a different "poll" thread.
    Anyway, Retro is a word used all too often lately, and I am guilty of that. However, I'm sticking by my guns that the "new" look of the 05' will have to grow on me. Just one guys opinion. It's still a free country.
    I'm currently looking for a Shelby 65-66 GT350 so I guess my taste in classic mustangs is not totally wacked? Agreed?
    Most of us here have one thing in common. We all love mustangs. THAT is most important. :flag:
  13. Ford hasn't used vinyl on their Mustang convertibles for years. My '00 has a two layer cloth top. The new Cobra is three layers. Hopefully, the three layer will be used on all '05 models for better sound insulation.
  14. am I the only one that can't see the pics?
  15. can't see them either
  16. Yea, they seem to be gone. It seems like the person who started this thread removed the pictures from their website at http://members.cox.net/ready2runu/ :scratch:
  17. Will someone please repost the pics?
  18. man, what's this I hear about those cars running around AZ frequently? that sucks, I have yet to see one around here. wish I could see some pics as well...anybody happen to save them and can repost?
  19. One more vote for re-posting the pictures again...please.