05GT v. WRX

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  1. we all know you wont use it on the street, thats not its purpose, for those that like to do some tracking.

    my spoiler comment was referring to earlier when you made it sound that it couldnt mounted on the trunk(nascar comment), i know theres a difference.

    i think you fail to see the point im trying to make, just because the car is a STREET car does not make the wing nonfunctional. i also think that you read way to much into that, basically what i got out of is that they go for what they think the fans want to see.....the engineers have to make that design work. on a side note they were talking about the peugeot. you are merely taking what you want to out of the article and not reading the whole thing.what you have highlighted in red, they are not even talking about the wing. on page 5&6 it clearly states that the wing does what its supposed to do.....create downforce (among one).
  2. But you seem to fail to realize he is going beyond what you just said
    he said that for one the car does not need downforce since it is heavy enough to have traction
    Second is that the drag created by the wing outweighs any downforce it actually produces so even if it did create downforce its doing more harm than good

    This is at least what I got from reading gp's post (btw what you have been saying is very helpful)
  3. Well Mistshibushi has a factory here so yes the cars are built in Britain as are Fords.

    Our domestic car industry may have been ruined by media hype but the UK is still a major player in international motor sport.

    Formula 1:

    -Red Bull

    To mention a few.

    GT racing:

    -Aston Martin

    So yes the Focus WRC would not exist with out Ford, but then again Ford would not exsist with out MB who invented the motorcar - its all relative. However do remeber the Focus was designed primerly as a European model as it replaced the long line of Frod Escourts which preceeded it.
  4. gp001

    Beleive what you want, your info is contradicting throughout and largly inaccurate. But what the hell. Guess you'll never be asked to work as an engineer for a rally team.

    I know the truth as do many others here so I think I'll call it a day and leave you to your own devices.

    Have a nice day.
  5. -McLaren
    -Red Bull

    And which of those companies actively and currently build a street car? The only one that I can think of is Mclaren. And it's actually a mercedes.

    Now as for the gt racing. That must be regionally specific. Since GT racing over here have none of those cars. Though I do recognize the names. But I don't think it can be said that Europe has a lock on building the best gt cars. Though of course until there was some competition other than 24hrs lemans. That could have all the cars together. I think we may never know.

    Do you honestly think that the only way a car was going to be made. Was if MB designed it originally. I'm betting there were at least a few people who had the same idea. They just got it done first. And one could even go farther. While subject to the same reason I gave ealier for accuracy. Where would nearly every car manufacturer be if Ford had not invented the assembly line?
  6. As I said, the UK mainstream production car industry has long since been destroyed. But competition wise we are very strong, and there is at last count about 50 car manufactures in the UK, most specialist sports car makers and kit cars. The picture becomes more cloudy though on companies like Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin. They are all owned by Ford, yet they are still individual British companies based in Britain.

    Personally its all tit for tat.

    As for Mr Henry Ford inventing the production line, well that honour really should go to Mr Colt and his production of the Peacemaker. Although his rotary design was based on a gun that was on display in the Tower of London several years before Colts return to America.
  7. Thank you. At least I know someone on this forum gets it. :nice:
  8. hahaha i love threads like this that start out as one thing and become a pissing match.

    From all my reading of the numerous threads arguing this i think everyone has a point. BUT for the real answer to the argument gp is correct. As wings do have benifits and costs as far as street cars go they are pointless. Except for cosmetic purposes for those who like the crazy wingz.

    Back to the original topic just woundering if you have made it to the track with your friend yet NY? would like to see some numbers whether the wing is functional or not.

    just to cheer everyone up watch these guys strut their stuff.
    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

  9. I think the site takes the times from initial reviews from magazines or advertised times from manufacturers. The 05 stang is a bit faster than quoted on this site too...

    So what is the 1/4 time for and unmodded 91gt?
  10. BAN TeH SWEEDShttp://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=862227&page=1&pp=25
  11. 15.1 @ 92

  12. No, he would have about equal if not MORE drivetrain loss due the fact the WRX is an AWD car.
  13. Sorry, forgot the WRX is AWD.
  14. This thread should be locked, far too much stupid in it for me to read through it all.

    On a side note, how about them Yankees?
  15. Wow this thread was about dead and people posted again. I don't think this thread is worthless at all. There is plenty of good debate about the function of wings on street cars. Some people just refuse to accept the truth it seems.
  16. yikes, i must say wrx is not a bad car at all, but its not a mustang either!
  17. Ok, this thread is useless. Really now, how much are these wings going to help a car on the street at 70 MPH? Anything more than that and we are talking illegal speeds on the streets in North America which is pointless to argue.
  18. Well I agree it is pointless to argue about this because te point has been proven. But obviously some people think wings actual have a function on street cars. Therefore, people can learn from this thread.

  19. You should beat him at the 1/4. These new autos are just as fast as manuals. The top end on these cars are amazing. Most WRXs run mid-low 14's, even with bolt ons. Now the STI's are a different story. However I raced one at the track (STI, basic bolt ons) I went 13.6 and he went 13.4. He beat me off the line but I caught up to him. He was very surprised. The AWD's can launch hard with a good driver. So dont worry and just launch your car properly. The car will do the rest for you.....
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