06/07 Mustang SVT

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  1. You needed to ask that question?

    I think we already know the answer. :bang: :bang:
  2. Saleen is not Ford and I can test and tune a 500hp 3V just as easily as they can if I put up the cash. I have seen countless Saleens (supercharged) with much lower than advertised HP and running problems due to the poor tuning.

    I will wait for the Cobra or do it myself. Saleen is over priced fluff

    Although really Good looking over priced fluff. Damn that 05 looks good dressed up.
  3. Also look at it this way.
    the current 4.6 in the 04 Cobra would net 500hp NO PROBLEM with a Twin screw alone. With the same boost levels.
    Now add the Variable Valve Timing on the new 3v 4.6 and the Variable intake runners available on the FR500 intake design and with the other induction goodies the 3v motor has designed into it you could get 550-600 with no real new technology, and with lower boost that your running on the current Cobra, with better mileage, better emissions etc.

    Oh yea and don't forget this.
    Coletti said publicly and I quite "You don't think we spent all this money in the GT's (not the Mustang GT but the supercar) drive train development to only put it in one car. This quote was a response from a automotive journalist asking him if the new GT Lysholm SC would be used in any other Ford production vehicles. I'm willing to bet we see a 500hp 4.6 Cobra with a Twin Screw and the Variable valve Timing running 500hp with less boost, better mileage and better reliably

    Also a note on what Mach428 said about the car not putting the power to the ground. This is a totaly different car. One reason for the poor transfer is because of the 03-04's crappy 30 year old chassis. This cars chassis is light-years agreed of the last models and just the geometry of the suspension alone is going to help greatly in putting the power to the ground. Have you seen the 60 foots of these new cars on stock rubber. They’re KILLING the prior years Mach's (comparing them because they both have a solid rear and similar HP levels)
    Putting the power to the ground won't hold back the HP levels.
    Cost won't be an issue, They can do this car for 37-38K for a coupe and they will sell them as fast as they can make them. They will also make money on them at that price. I can see them underrating them to 475 or 480hp. This would keep the GT owners happy. With the new throttle by wire they can also detune the crap out of these engines to deliver the lower hp numbers but the setup will be a 500hp motor.
  4. Your Average 21 year old with a decent full time job isn't driving a new Cobra, in most cases the car is still a wet dream. The average age for Cobra owners is considerably older than other Mustangs due to the added cost of insurance & greater MSRP. So if you look at the numbers you will see that many owners are married have a six figure household income, mortgage, kids, Etc. Hitting 125mph in 12seconds on public roads & losing their licence isn't a daily risk they take.

    Cobra Demographics

    (from Ford Salesman's Document)

    Average Mustang Cobra buyers are likely to fit the following profile:

    Median Age: old 35 Years
    Median Income: $55,000
    Male/Female Ratio: 75/25
    College Educated: 50%
    Married: 50%
  5. And for the price range, think how many people went out and bought a 38K dollar 'Vert SVT, plus warranty and such things. Those cars when your done were easily paying into the 40K dollar mark. This will be where the 07 will continue from IMO.

    RandyB, definatley 07, it's going to be baad. But just like the 99-04 years SVT will continue to tweak out things with years following.

    Also, I don't think that this retro styling is going to be here long, 5 years tops. Then I say that Ford goes back to the drawing board where the styling left off with the 99-04 and they do something remarkable :banana: . The retro styled Mustangs will be something of a collectors car.
  6. Nobody mentions that there are rumors of ford shutting down the svt plant due to ford sales over all being down. Have heard that since ford sales are down that they are uncertain about when the next svt will be out . Also rumors that rousch may buy the rights to the cobra and produce it them selves.
  7. That rumor has pretty much been proven to be false.
    SVT isn't going anywhere, at least anytime soon.
  8. Don't know how credible you think that Motor Trend is but on page 18 of the January edition under the article "American Muscle Is Back!" they talk about the new Z06 with 500hp, new STS-V with 400hp, the new CTV-VSuper with 515 hp, the new Dodge Charger SRT-8 with 425hp and finally the new Cobra with a 5.4 supercharged V8 with a goal of 500 hp. No Lightning as we all know but the next may be based on the Ranger as opposed the othe F150. Better buy up in the next few years because these day may end just like the 70's when the government finds a way to choke the hp-life out of the new cars. All of us looking to purchase in the next few years are in for a virtual "grocery store" of choices....
  9. Makes sense to me, the 2004 - 20005. F-150 has gotten so large and heavy that trying to make a performance model out of it seems down right silly.
  10. Probably old news for most....but....

    Regarding the distribution of CobraGT500's

    this letter speaks for itself.. yes, it's old, but not sure if the info is posted here anywhere else... after making a few attempts at search, thought I'd just share it here anyway :)

    Darryl B. Hazel Ford Motor Company
    President Regent Court Building
    Ford Division 16800 Executive Plaza Drive
    email: [email protected] Dearborn, Michigan 48126-4207

    July 19, 2005

    All Ford Division Dealers
    Subject: SVT Distribution Plan

    The purpose of this communication is to announce the following:

    Revision to the SVT distribution policy
    Allocation plan for the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500
    As we go forward, our goal is to expand our lineup of Ford performance oriented vehicles. One such
    example is the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 which is scheduled for production next summer. As we
    expect to have a strong line-up of performance products in the future, the cadence of these products
    necessitates a change to our distribution policy. Accordingly, the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 and all
    future products engineered by SVT will be available to all dealers who complete the necessary
    certification requirements. This will further strengthen the Ford brand by providing us with a greater
    opportunity to drive showroom traffic by leveraging halo products in all our marketing communications.
    This will also help achieve compliance with various state laws by providing all dealers who become
    certified the opportunity to sell performance oriented vehicles.

    Certification Requirements to Sell SVT-Engineered Products
    SVT-engineered products will be available to all dealers who complete the certification requirements. A
    unique certification plan will be announced for each SVT engineered product at a later date. Similar to
    Escape Hybrid, certification will likely include sales consultant training, technician training and purchase
    of special service tools. As in the past, this opportunity will be open to all dealers who enroll in the SVT
    program and who meet SVT program requirements.

    Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 Allocation Plan
    Dealers will be required to complete certification requirements to receive any type of allocation for the
    Shelby Cobra GT500. In recognition of their commitment to the program, current SVT dealers and SVT
    Focus dealers will receive preferential allocation for the Shelby Cobra GT500 for the first model year.
    At current projections, we expect around 7,000 units to be produced for the 2007 model year. Allocation
    will be as follows:

    Two incremental units for current full-line SVT dealers (605 dealers)
    One incremental unit for SVT Focus-only dealers (700 dealers)
    One unit for any dealer who completes certification requirements
    One unit for 2005 President's Award winners (343 dealers)

    Remaining production will be allocated based on a Mustang share-of-nation formula
    Allocation Example:
    A current full-line SVT dealer who wins the 2005 President's Award will receive four units plus any
    units for Mustang share-of-nation.
    Example: Full Line SVT Dealer:
    Completed certification:
    2005 President's Award:
    Mustang share-of-nation:
    Managing Customer Expectations

    We are already receiving customer inquiries about GT500 availability as well as reports of dealers
    holding deposits for this car. Dealer allocation will not be announced until the first quarter of 2006.
    Despite the extremely high market interest in this product, it is important to appropriately manage the
    expectations of your customers according to your actual allocation.

  11. All that info has since been changed. Most all of the other high performance vehicles have been canceled and SVT is done and gone in about a week. An updated letter was sent out to dealers not too long ago, you need to get your hands on that one.:D
  12. Actually SVT is no longer making any new vehicles, the company is shutting down. That is why the new CObra is being advertised as a SHELBY. The new Cobra is a Shelby vehicle even though it's being made by the SVT people. Sorry to disapoint you.