06' Cranks but won't start


New Member
Jul 27, 2019
Canyon Lake TX
Picked up an 06' Coupe 4.0L Auto trans 3 days ago, cranks over just fine but won't start. Checked for spark and is good, sprayed Ether into TB but still no start, when trying to start first time, seemed to almost start but didn't. Was told ran fine 7-8 months ago but stopped and hasn't started since, car sat for 6 months before I bought it. Several mechanics looked at it, first 2 had no idea, but the 3rd said possibly Timing Chain, car has 179k miles on it. Was told PCM was replaced, had window broke and radio stolen, car was in small fender bender checked inertia switch. Just need an idea where to start, last Mustang I owned was a 66', big difference in years and technology! Just need some direction to go in, don't wan't to chase my tail and start changing parts to see which one fixes the issue...Thanks in advance!
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