06 Gt Fuel Presure Drop When Accelerating


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Aug 24, 2017
06 mustang GT, 180K Miles, good upkeep, fuel filter replaced every other oil change

when the vehicle has been driving for more than 20-30 minutes, the fuel rail pressure drops to 10-20 kPa when I want to accelerate fast but as soon as I let off the gas it jumps back up. when idle, or cruising it is at 270 - 279 kPa. slow acceleration it jumps above 300 but quickly comes back down.

no fuel regulator, fly by wire, stock everything except for F1 ford racing exhaust. Monitoring with a garmin mechanic

I just had the alternator replaced after 2 diodes failed, it drove fine for about a week but the issue popped up again.

this problem has been going on since the middle of summer 2016 and it got worse over time. At first I thought it was bad fuel because it only happened 2 times when I was on a road trip. When this summer got started it just happens randomly after 20 min. or so of driving when I try to accelerate quickly.

The fuel pump is just over 2 years old, got a new one after the sending unit failed, I got a new stock replacement.

looking for any ideas on how to fix this, going to get the fuel pump checked in a few weeks when I have the money
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