06 GT, G/F's car a quick picture

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  1. i snapped a quick picture of the girlfriends 06GT its white wiht red stripes and has some nice headlights, well the best non-OEM ones i know of... getting some more random stuff soon..


    i took this with a Nikon D50, 28mm f/2.8, SB-600 triggerd with gadget infinity triggers
  2. 29 views and no comments?
  3. Nice pic, just not digging the headlights. :shrug:
  4. they arent the best but they are by FAR no where near the worst... they were the only way i could get her to take off those freaking black GTO headlight covers... the car is getting new foglights with the halos too soon... its not how your normal mustang looks but its a little different :)

    my 04GT is a bit more subtle and way more mean looking :)
  5. It's a good pic but, I also am not a fan of the headlights.
  6. looks good...
  7. Nice photo. Hate the headlights. What's wrong with the factory lights? I think factory looks better than anything else I have seen and certainly at no additional cost. I would put the money into something else.
  8. Like the stripes, those headlights just totally break the front end of the car tho =/
  9. well, she had those retarded GTO headlight blackout covers and the only thing that would convincer her to take them off is black headlights... i liked the stockers just fine but these have grown on me... plus its her car, its what she likes...

    finally got her to take off the GTO foglight covers too
  10. I enjoy the headlights. its different.
    for 1, you'll know which car is yours when your next to the other 500 mustangs at some meet.

    and your modding the car to your liking. which above all, is really what counts.
    F the nay sayers

    "I dig it"
  11. If you like it, that's great. You said 29 views and no comments? I and some others offered comments. I'm sorry if they were not positive. They were honest. That's no reason, in my opinion, for anyone to say "F the naysayers."
    Enjoy your car, modify it the way you want, but don't be upset if someone else does not like it.
  12. cool pic , but I dont dig the lights either. hadnt seen any white with red stripers lately. :)
  13. i dont think the headlights are bad by themself, personally i think it is how they look with the factory foglights. styles dont match. i think it would look good with those headlights and a black billet grille (no foglights)

    or maybe smaller foglights like the v6 pony package grille/foglights.
  14. you might wanna check times before you jump down his throat. that came well before your "positive" comments and i dont think he ever sounded like he was saying screw you all and your opinions. your comment from above is no better than saying he was not appreciative of you comments.
  15. I was referring to the guy who did say F the naysayers. It was not the car owner.
  16. well i like the head lights :]
  17. I didn't even notice the headlights until they were mentioned. I don't really notice stuff like that.

    It's kind of like shorty antennas. Everybody buys them because they think the stocker looks terrible, yet an antenna is something that never even catches my eye.

    The main thing on these cars that catch my attention are wheels/suspension. They either make or break a car.

    If you like aftermarket headlights, go for it because it's not a big deal either way.
  18. you should... you bought them and drive around with them lol

    btw, this is the owner of the car
  19. im ready for the other parts so i can go ahead and do all of it:)
    oh and btw; theres another white un down here
    with the grille i want.