Engine 06 Gt Most Bolt On/brenspeed Cam Dyno

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  1. C&L Racer, Pypes Full exhaust, Steeda CMDPs and Steeda Pulleys, Brenspeed Detroit Rocker Cams, Shaftmasters aluminum one piece driveshaft.

    Not bad at all for 4.10 gears. 93 tune by Chris Tillman.

    I love it :)


    I really can't think of anything else I could add short of a SC.

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  2. 12.747 @ 109.98 with dragtimes DA calculator, it was 1943 feet for this run. Their conversion was 12.463 @ 112.543 MPH.

    My 60 foot was 1.894 on this one.

    As humidity went up as the night progressed I made a slightly quicker pass with less MPH.

    12.737 @ 109.08 with a 1.815 60' time! :) DA for that run was 1878 and conversion was 12.464 @ 111.523 MPH.

    The reason the DA plays a huge role is because the track is 90 feet above sea level and the humidity has our DA at 1800+ Feet above sea level.

    I then hot lapped that 12.737 and nailed a 1.813 60' foot. Best ever, but at that point the tranny wasn't happy and I couldn't get it into ANY GEAR without trying multiple times. Ran 13.929 @ 101.38 missing every single gear lol. Such a waste of a run since it was my best 60 to date.

    I had one other run with a 1.820 60' foot time but missed 4th then let off and shifted to 5th and STILL ran a 13.037 @ 92.02.

    I ran several other times but launch technique experiments ruin all the runs so I only posted those with either good times or new best 60' foot times.

    Street tires and 1.81 60' foot times. I'm definitely happy about that!!

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    I was car #1