06 gt or 03-04 cobra??

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  1. well ive got an 06gt on order, but i ran into a couple cobra's i could buy for less....i know the 06 looks better but, those supercharged cobras run soo good, and respond well to mods...wonder how much the tradeoff of power/ looks actually matters....decisions decisions.... :D
  2. I would get the 06 GT and save for a supercharger..I think you would have more fun driving that around.
  3. The 05 just doesnt do it for me... that makes it easy for me. The Cobra is cheaper off the bat, probably cheaper to insure. It will be much more affordable and rewarding to mod the 03. It wont be long until you start seeing 05+ Mustangs everywhere, the Cobra will still stand out, not to mention smash any 05 it meets !!
  4. Obviouls I am somewhat predjudice........... but,

    I would go with the Cobra for equal money.

    SVT limited production vehicle. Hand built engine with forged internals. IRS handles great. Most stock Cobra's dyno around 380 at the wheels. VERY easy to get over 450 rwhp out of (less than $1000). Add a KB super charger and pretty much own the street if thats your thing.
  5. looks is a matter of opinion. i like the cobras looks 100 times better. the 05 lines just dont look right. anyway again it opinion. the cobra is cheaper and super fast.

    id go with the cobra way faster then the 05 gt.
  6. Ok, let me get this straight right off the bat. I HATE the way SN95s look and always will. The arguement that a Cobra will stand out more is complete BS since about 95% of the people on the road will have no idea it is a Cobra. With that out of the way though I would say definately go with the Cobra. If you are looking from a performance standpoint then there is no competition with the Cobra. Yes, you can put X amount of dollars into a GT and make it fast, but it still isn't a Cobra. If I remotely liked the way the SN95s look then I would have bought an 03/04 Cobra, no questions asked. As it stands I think the S197s look so much better and still have good performance so I opted for the '05. It all depends on what you like and what you are looking for.
  7. The 05 Lines don't look right??? They look like Mustangs!! Cobra's look like Ricers!!! HAHAHHAHAHAAHAAA!!!! :notnice:
  8. I don't think Cobras look like ricers, but yeah, the 05 has much better lines than the most recent Cobras.

  9. I agree.. There is no doubt your car does visually look better.. Not only that, but the 05 Mustangs are the new kids on the block and look great.. The best looking Mustangs ever..

    But the 03-04 Cobra situation is based on pure shock value.. They look pretty good in certain colors.. Some colors tend to look bland.. I wont say which colors I think are the best.. I think everyone knows this already..

    But all this being said.. The shock value of the 03-04 Cobra's is enough to consider them in place of an 05 Mustang.. Just being honest.. Show me an 03 Cobra for a reasonable amount of change, and do your best to convince me not to consider signing the paper.. I absolutley love the cars, for the effort that was put into them.. Period.. Yes I think the 05's are better looking..

    But, if I had a chance to get a Black 03 or 4 Cobra for less than 25K, I'd most likley get it.. If it was a local car and showed no signs that the previous owner ever used the Blower.. LOL!! Just kidding.. But the cars rocks.. I cant really say what the original poster should do.. Both cars are great and deserve a tremendous amount of respect and admiration..
  10. simple do you want a chasis that was developed in 1979 and "upgraded" over the years, or a chasis that was designed last year with the latest technology. Rattles vs no rattles
  11. Buy them both. And Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia!
  12. Dont forget about the thousands and thousands of suspension parts available for the chassis developed in 1979. Subframe connectors and a strut tower brace will go a long way towards quieting those rattles.
    I like most of the 05 Mustang, everything after the rear tires seems out of portion to me though. Car has a bigger ass than J.Lo. Buy the Cobra, then all youd see of 05's would be the front grill.... in your rearview mirrior !!
  13. I'd like to see a Cobra try it on my 05 :rlaugh:
  14. I would go for the car that isn't derived from '78 Fairmont underpinnings. I don't own an '03/'04 Cobra, but I am replacing my '98 Cobra with an '06 GT. I'm excited about the new chassis and suspension, longer wheelbase and much improved F/R balance. The looks of the thing is just the icing. All that said, the '03/'04 Cobras are the absolute pinnacle for the old car but I'm just tired of the old car after owning five of them from '84-'98.
  15. pretty good debate here man im reallly wondering if i should cancel my 06 order....guess i'll just have to wait until it gets here and then decide....the cobra's look good in my opinion though, just not as good as the 05/06....right now either one would be good...changing the tranny out in this 96gt to trade it in is wippin my arse!!!!! :notnice: byt the way i can get a cobra with 26000 miles for $24000...
  16. and by the way the 06gt i ordered is only around $1500 more with my x-plan....so its a close race....
  17. Cobra is a nice car but the new body is VERY sweet. Besides you can make ANY car fast. :D
  18. Have you driven both cars?

    If you have what are your impressions?
  19. well, i think the 05 is much more refined in certain areas, but man after you get through the wheel hop in 1st gear in the cobra man that thing if full steam ahead, you can definitely tell the cobra has some real balls...the 05's have a nice interior/exterior and they ride really good, the cobra also rides pretty good because of the irs....it rules in the twisties, but has a bit of wheel hop off the line....but wonce you get that adressed, man the cobra is still a great car....and you put a nice set of wheels/tires and exhaust and a hood on the cobra....it looks bad arse in my opinion too....
  20. I'm glad to hear that you have a foundation to help with your decision.

    The Cobra wheel hop can be pretty bad. I’ve been able almost eliminate it with different tires and more importantly a change in driving style. Haven’t we read on this forum that the ‘05s can have wheel hop. Maybe not as bad as the Cobra. If the ’05 GT had another 200 horsepower, it would be a bigger issue.

    It sounds like you are pretty familiar with the Cobra. Then you know how easy it is to add power. Just a smaller pulley and a tune away.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either car. :nice: