06 gt or 03-04 cobra??

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  1. yeah, i have a little background diving one, there really great cars....there around for 24-25 grand, just gotta drive a long ways to pick one up.....im kinda leaning towards the cobra....just the name strikes fear in most drivers on the road :nice:
  2. Tuff choice...I know which route I took. Even after I bought the 05 I was always thinkin if I made the right choice. Then I raced a cobra with the mods in my sig. He got me by ~2 cars in the ~1/4. He didn't even pull me till 3rd gear,and started pulling hard. Now I'm happy with my 05,figured I would have been handed my arse alot worse. The guy in the cobra thought I had n20. I know the cobra could be modded to totaly rape my car. But this car is my daily,and I will hunt down cobras in my built 5.0 soon,so I'm not worried. And if I ever go the procharger route,which I may. Cobras don't have poop on that as long as we are talkin mild cars.

  3. bring that 05 around here and see what happens
  4. Subframe connectors and a strut tower brace would help, but the new chasis has been said to have been as rigid as the older platform with those mods. Not that it would matter too much since you would already have a beast of a car and wouldn't have to do many power mods right away unless you really wanted to, so you could do some suspension stuff.

    If you have found a Cobra for 24k noxious_mustang then I say go for it. Like I said before it is completely up to what you are looking for. If you are looking for the more refined ride of the S197 and want to look good while doing it then get the '06. If you want a complete beast of a car performance wise then get the Cobra. I believe you said that you liked the way the Cobras looked, so I wouldn't even use that as a deciding factor. I know that I would have picked up a Cobra in a heartbeat if I liked the older body style.
  5. Where you located?
  6. Northern Illinois... Ive seen some bad 05's but so much more potential with an 03/04.
  7. :lock:

    Lock it up, the idiots are out.

    Nick85, we will leave our motors in our cars, I will let you mod to match me, then we will go ten horses at a time untill one of us blows a rod. That is if you don't blow getting to my numbers.

    KB says 475rwhp in an 05 GT is death without a complete bottom end upgrade. 03 Cobra he is saying 600rwhp. If hp is your bag, there is only one choice.

    05 is a great car, would not trade my Cobra for one however.
  8. Yah 475 rwhp is the limit..for me that's enough power. 600rwhp is impressive.
  9. man, still a hard decision, but the 03-04 cobra's are looking pretty good at this poin, tun and a pully and your smokin vettes.....
  10. Lots of fun to be sure.

    I've done a few open track/HDPE events this summer and the Cobra did very well.

    Keep us informed.

  11. if u truely love mustangs than u will love all mustangs as far as im concerned, except for the mid to late70s, horrible!!!! the 05 is beautiful!!! i would have baught one if i didnt get such a good deal on the 04 left over, i also love my 04 and am very happy with it
  12. Plenty of room for all Mustangs, we can all play nice can't we.

    I do not think you can go wrong with choosing the 03/04 Cobra. That is MHO.

    Did Nick95 really get banned???? :shrug:
  13. Yep