06 GT Ordered and Received

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  1. I ordered my 06 GT on Jan 9th and recieved it 7 weeks later on Feb 28th.
    I will post pics when I can peal my hands from the car...
  2. Awesome! Mine came in last night. Will pick up tomorrow morning! It makes this 24 hr shift seem like 72! Congrats again!
  3. You suck! :D I ordered mine 30 Dec and I still don't have a vin. Wait, let me call....nope still nothing. If I don't have a vin by the end of March, I'll just order an 07.

  4. Very cool.:nice: This is why I keep telling people to cancel their orders from small dealers and order from larger ones! Congrats on the car.
  5. Xstanger I did my mine from a small dealer. They only sell 20 mustangs a year. I got mine 8 weeks from ordering. The dealer is rural, 1 hr outside of Cincy, that may help?
  6. I ordered my from one of 4 big dealer here in Las Vegas.
    Thanks for all the feedback.
  7. why is it still taking so long to get a stang i dont get it?? u cant just get one off the dealer lot?
  8. I walked in and had my '06 torch red with red leather off the showroom floor in about 2 hours. Go figure.
  9. Mine took 8 weeks. Not too long really. I couldn't find the exact car I wanted. Not many manuals or cloth int sitting around. It was worth the wait!