06 GT vert 35K

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  1. The local Ford dealer has a triple black GT vert. They are selling it for 35K, thats the window sticker. Im surprised because this dealer is a big mf'er when it comes to making a deal.

    I buy Fords, I think I should buy them from my local dealer and spend the money I earn in the town I earn it in and live in. This dealer is so far out in left field that I have never bought there. Case in point: I wanted a 1 or 2 year old F150. He tried to sell me a 01 F150 XLT with 45K on it for $21000. I bought a 04 f150 XLT with 7300 miles for $15500.

    There is a 06 Redfire V6 vert sitting next to the GT. The GT is a premium and the V6 is a deluxe. The V6 is only $25000. 10K for a V8 and a few options. :Damnit:

    BTW: Who would buy a GT vert for 35K when a GT500 should sticker at 40K?
  2. I think you answered your own question. Or is this just a rant:shrug:
  3. Because it'll be darn near impossible to buy a GT500 at sticker. I'm guessing most dealers will add on $10K or so to sticker, at least at first.
  4. I would gladly buy a new GT500 convertible for $40K. Where can I find one? :D
  5. The GT 500 coupe is supposed to come in under $40,000 suggested retail price. I haven't heard the convertible price. And you won't buy either for sticker.
  6. I paid just over $28,000 for my '06 Gt vert. :notnice: to sticker price.
  7. we have the best negotiating tool available to us now, the internet. go to www.ford.com, build what you want, it gives both MSRP and then Invoice cost, including the options you pick. I plan to be ordering an 06 vert GT soon myself, and no way will I pay MSRP, I actually hope to pay under invoice because I will be paying in cash, so hopefully if the local dealer here wants to make a sell, he will take less because I am paying cash. 1meanZ, what options did you choose for just over $28,000?
  8. They probably prefer if you finance, because they typically make money on that as well. I doubt you'll do any better by paying cash, but you never know :)
  9. yeah, i know they prefer that, because then they get to charge for little "hidden" costs, but i am not wanting to finance this time around, so hopefully they will wheel and deal. if not, then i don't know what i'll do, because i want a Ford, but have bought from Dodge in the past when Ford wouldn't deal with me.
  10. I just felt that is was more fair to compare a convertible to a convertible. :D
  11. Mustang GT Deluxe
    Leather Seats
    Boot Cover
    Active Anti-Theft
    Locking Lugs