06 GT500's???

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  1. Hey guys, Does anybody know how to get on the list for an 06 GT500??? I mean do I just stroll up to the Ford Dealership and say, "hey put me on the list"

    This will be the first brand new car I've ever purchased so I'm not to familiar with how the dealers work... Any help would be great
  2. Well, for starters it's an '07 Shelby GT-500, not an '06. Production car should be shown to the public sometime in January '06 at the Detroit Auto Show. Car most likely will be available in late '06.

    As for getting on a list now, good luck. Here in NY, if you didn't get on a list by mid April, you're done. Alot of folks here believe these cars will be rotting on dealer lots 6 months after their release. If you're one of those believers, more power to you. The reality is these cars are gonna sell, and sell fast. The fastest production mustang ever won't be rotting on lots!! I'm #4 on a list at a big SVT dealer that has one of the top sales in the country and even i'm not guaranteed to get a car.

    I hope the best for you and alot of mustang fanatics here. It would be nice if we really could have a legitimate chance of owning this car.
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    Thanks, I didn't relize they would be 07s.
  4. Yup, available in 06 but VIN'ed as '07s.

    Is there any definitive word from SVT regarding production numbers yet (I'm waaaay out of the loop)?
  5. The only list right now is SVT PowerLease customers. Unless you go with an honor-system list with a particular dealer, there are no orders being taken yet and so no list.

  6. Very little official word, all I've seen from SVT says about 7000/year. Typical of past Cobra production (with the notable exception of 2003, when they made shloads of them).
  7. Keep dreaming, you can get on the list if you are big customer with the Ford dealer in your area (I.E. you are rich and buy cars from them all the time or have purchased a Ford GT).

    Sad fact is that they will sell the cars to their top customers that have cash to spend and are frequent repeat buyers. That's why the average Joe just can't come up from the streets and say, "Yea, put me on the list."

    That's also why that one guy is number 4 on the list but was told that he might not receive one, the other guys have first dib's. :bang:
  8. I have been working with no avail to get on the list and most dealers said there is not list and it will be a first come first serve basis (i.e. the GM will probably get it). On Saturday, I was working with a dealer several hundred miles away who will put me as #5 on the list and they anticipate getting an allocation of 4 or 5 (I did not commit to this one yet as I had other feelers out). Today, I got THE call I was hoping for from a 'to be named dealership' that refused to create a list prior to today. I wrote them a nice email late last week explaining my predicament in trying to purchase the Shelby and complimented them on how many President's Awards they have received and if I could count on anyone blah blah blah kiss arse blah blah blah. Anyhow, the inventory manager contacted me this morning and as of right now are drawing up a contract and I will be #1 on the list :) I am not kidding, I am soooo excited I could scream. They are expecting an allocation of 6 or 7. The dealer "guaranteed me" that I would receive the first Shelby they get. I asked him if he was serious and he responded "yes I am and you are #1 on our list. I will work with the GM today and email you the contract stating you will pay MSRP, what your deposit is etc." There have been members who have said the list is BS and to them I respond "I'll see you in my Shelby next fall" :) :) Don't give up, you can get on the list. Once I complete the details with the dealer I'll let you know where you can go if your willing to travel.
  9. You guys act as if the first Shelby Mustang in 38 years is going to be popular or something. I bet these things will be sold under sticker so the dealers don't have to pay the taxes on them after they sit on the lots for a year.
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    Freakin Sweat, Well I would kiss YOUR ASS if you could point me in the right direction. I have the cash I just don't know where to go :cheers: