06 Mazdaspeed 6 Vs 08 Mustang V6

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  1. im gonna race my friend with a stock 06 mazdaspeed 6 auto transmission.
    ive got a 08 mustang V6 auto transmission with dual exhaust and a cold air intake also made it positraction so im not just peeling out the whole time at the start.

    He things he can beat me but im not really sure i just wanna have an idea on who might win.
  2. He will beat you. I don't think they made MS 6's with autos but I'm not a 100%. But His car is quick. Turbo 4 with awd will probably handle your 6er.
  3. The Mazda will probably have you by a length or two to 60 (from dig), and the lead may grow to 2-3 cars at 80-90. Please try this at a track though. Most street racers race like this and keep it pinned past 90 thinking once in the 100's they'll pass their opponent. Problem is you're on a public street and a 5 star crash rating can't help at that speed. Let us know how your race at the TRACK goes.
  4. I think it would be a drivers race. A manual mazda 6s is good for a 0-60 in mid to high 6s and 1/4 mile in high 14s with an excellent driver to mid 15s. I believe the 6s auto is a little slower-1/4 around 15.5. I did own a 03 Mazda 6s. Quick car once you reached 30 MPH. The throttle response was lousy on that car.
  5. the Mazdaspeed6 was not offered with an auto transmission. It only came with a 6-speed and all wheel drive. 285 hp will dust you if it is really a speed6. If it is an auto and a six cyl it still has 220hp and should be pretty quick. Test drove 3 speed6's before I bought my 07GT. Really liked them.
  6. I didn't even notice the OP was talking about a speed6. In that case the speed 6 will win. I too was thinking about buying a speed6 before I decided on my Mustang.