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  1. i am seeing alot of problems with the 05 gt are the tranny problems or other problems fixed for the 06 gt ? before i regret buying a 06 mustang gt 5-speed
  2. Mine works just fine. I'm quite surprised at how much they improved the feel of the shifter and transmission without changing the tranny itself. I need to peek under there and make sure it's still a TR-3650!
  3. 700 miles with no complaints. :banana:
  4. I never had any problems with my April 11th delevered '05. only 5000 mi. though

    5 speed manual is one of the best overall I have driven, I have driven alot of modern 5 and six speeds (new vetts) and it is comparable
  5. I love my manual in the '06 model too. No problems yet, but I'm only at 500 miles so........

  6. I'm about to hit 6K on the odometer, no issues at all with my 5spd. I get some whining sounds from it during low RPM driving in 1-3rd gear, but I think it just has noisy synchros. Drive faster and you don't hear it at all, solution!
  7. The only problems I've had on my '05 is the popping noise while turning at low speeds (fixed by replacing front strut assembly) and the Shaker 1000 6 DISC CD Changer skipped sporadically.

    That and being rear-ended... :mad:
  8. On a forum such as this you'll typically only hear from people with problems, so the percentage of problem cars seems much higher than it really is. The great majority of '05 owners, myself included, have had no problems with their cars other than the noisy strut (fixed by TSB), and a very occasional skip of my Shaker 500. At 12,000 miles, my February built car still functions and looks perfect.

  9. 24K no tranny problems here, built Oct 04.
  10. Owner1, did you get your CD skip fixed? This is also a known issue and there is a TSB on it as well. Go to dealer, the removal of the radio isn't that severe so it shouldn't be a rip-apart-the-dash-completely-to-fix kind of thing. My dealer took my radio out, got the part number off the CD changer and ordered a new one and within a week I have a CD Changer that doens't skip.
  11. The last two posters drive 2,000 miles a month...yikes. How much are the rest of you logging?
  12. About 40-50mi on sunny weekends. I only live 3 miles from work and I usually drive my truck durning the week. I have 400 miles since last month. I will store it from late Oct.-Mid March.
  13. It was my every day driver until I purchased a used Explorer which I'll be driving in bad weather. AWD so I shouldn't have any trouble in the snow :)

    For now, I drive it on really nice sunny days.
  14. '06 Tranny

    I have 1400 miles on my new '06 GT 'vert 5 speed. No complaints whatsoever.
  15. Improved the feel of the shifter? has a change been made to the shifter or trans between 05 and 06?

    btw - I'm at 9400 miles after 5 months...

  16. I've been averaging about 6000 miles per year on my cars. However, my '92 which I bought new just turned 70,000 and it's 14 years old.
  17. 2000 miles, and no problem. Except my cds will skip occasionally in my shaker1000. Other than that love the tranny. car drives great. would love some extra power though!!!
  18. :shrug:
  19. No, there has not been a change in the shifter from 05 - 06. The poster you are referring to was speaking of the shifters/trannies from the 99-04 Mustangs.

    On a side note, even though the shifter does feel much more crisp than previous Mustang models, I still find myself wanting an aftermarket shifter like Steeda's Tri-Ax when I take the car down to the track.