06 On Order

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  1. I like my younger brother's 05 Mustang GT so much,
    I went to the dealer and ordered my own 06 Tungsten Grey Mustang Gt! :banana: :banana:
    I got my dora, and I have a priority code of 15! :banana:
    I need the 1-800 number for the robot lady, can someone send it in a message please. :D
  2. Congrats and welcome to Stangnet.
  3. When you ordered your 06, did you have to give any money up front, or do you just pay for it all when it arrives?
  4. Congrats mate :nice:

    When I ordered my 05 the guy asked for a 500 dollar deposit...no biggie.
  5. 800-962-3746 ask for Rosie.
  6. I was at my local dealer yesterday, and the salesman was trying to talk me into buying one of their V6's. When I asked him about ordering 06's, he said they weren't accepting orders yet and that there wasn't even forms for it yet. He said anyone who said that was pulling my leg, trying to get me to wait. :rlaugh: Sounds like it's more like he was trying to get me to go ahead and buy!
  7. Please scan in a pic of your DORA so I can take it to my dealer. please please please

    (or are you bs'n?)
  8. I put down a $500. deposit for the 06.
    If any dealer says that they can't order an 06 is just lazy.
    I had 3 dealers call me about coming in to order June 1st.
  9. Just put my order in yesterday for a '06.
    GT Premium (140A), 5spd (44L), 18" wheels (64E), Wheel locks (17L), Anti Theft (14A), Spoiler delete (13D), Shaker 1000 (918), Interior Upgrade Package (18G), Interior Sport Package (18G), Vista Blue Exterior color (G9), Light Graphite (K2)

    Sticker $30.9k A-Plan $27.5k

    My sales guy is a friend from high school, all he needed was $100 deposite.

    Can't wait to get it!!!
  10. Thanks for the update. That is great news!