06 order, can you change your wheel option?

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  1. i just ordered an 06 and found out there is a different wheel option, can i change my wheels?
  2. yes as long as the order has not been pulled you van change anything you want and it will not affect anything just make sure to get the new paperwork to reflect the change.
  3. its for a 2006 and i dont have my vin or dora or anything yet, just placed it a few days ago....thanks...
  4. anyone think the maruder wheels would look better than the bright machined ones?
  5. i Just talked to my guy abou tchanging to the bright machined ones. He is going to check when he gets into the office tomorrow. The order went in already so Ill find out for sure either tommorrow or early next week. I will let you know when I find out for sure. I dont see why there would be a problem with it though as long as the order hasnt been pulled yet.
  6. thanks, im still deciding what to do, i may be better off buying my own...like torq thrust 2's or somthing....or torq thrust d's
  7. yes you can. My dealer just got back to me and he was able to get it changed. So change it as soon as you can before its too late.:)
  8. the dealership owner said i cant change them now...i ordered it june 17th and i still havent got my friggen dora.....
  9. My guy had to email somebody else to change it. Sounds like he just doesnt want to go through the extra work of doing it.
  10. hmmm...might be worth looking in too
  11. Have the dealer change it via the online system. i ordered mine with the saddle interior. I lost sleep for 2 -3 weeks because I really wanted the updgraded red leather interior. The dealer changed it online!