06 Order Guide Is Published!

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  1. The 2006 Mustang order guide has is out with a 6/1/05 publication date. The file is too large to post at 1.5Mb. Your local Ford dealer can download the guide and supply you with a copy.

    Major changes include:
    Two new colors: Vista Blue Clearcoat Metallic, Tungsten Grey Clearcoat Metallic.
    Two new 18" polished aluminum wheels for GT.
    V6 pony package, multiple changes, including:Unique pony grill, rear spoiler, pony wheel center caps, pony front fender badges, carpeted front floor mats with brushed chrome MUSTANG badge.

  2. Are there pic os the new 18" wheels?
  3. The new 18in and the Tungsten Silver color!

  4. The tungsten silver looks great - and I think it would amazing with blue shelby stripes.

    i'm not a fan of the 18" wheels. to tell you the truth, i don't think there's a rim out there that looks better than the regular bullitts that came with the 05GT
  5. 18" Wheel

    Anybody know the difference between the 64E and 64W wheel? The 64W says "Late Availability"-what does this mean?
  6. Late availability means the option will probably be available in the second half of the production year, so after Jan '06. This can happen for a number of reasons, including:

    The wheel supplier may not be fully tooled to meet production.
    The wheel may not have the proper certifications or completed the proper tests to be placed on a production vehicle.
    There could be an overstock in the carry-over wheel.
    There could be a committment from Ford to the supplier to purchase a large volume of the carry-over wheel and that volume hasn't been met yet.
    The new wheel could be very expensive to Ford, so there will be a limited production run, so they delay the availability of that option.

    Basic supply and demand type stuff.
  7. Back for the '03 model year, the "late availability" for the Bright wheel option turned out to be Oct 7th, the same date for the IUP and the original date for the Mach 1. It doesn't necessarily mean the Job 2 date, about 1/2 through the model year.

  8. haha i just noticed i lerned not good to write. lol :D

    Anyhow does anyone know when prices for these things will be availiable?
  9. got price of 64W 18" wheels

    I just ordered a 2006 gt, and put the 64W 18" wheels on it. the msrp is $825. not sure on the 64E.