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  1. Here is some info for tracking your '06 mustang. In the U.S call 1-800-392-3673. In Canada call 1-800-565-3673. Here is the info you provide them.
    1) order#
    2) dealer# or code.
    3) Body style ex:T82
    4) ford dealer name
    from there they will give you more info, i tried myself and all they said the order was in the computer but no other details were available at this time.
    Just some info to pass on .
  2. Thanks

  3. My thanks to you as well. I've been checking my order status everyday when I come home from work. I'm hoping as the days drag on, my excitment of calling won't change to frustration as I read many have waited a long time for their cars to be built and delivered.
  4. Is this a live person or the Evil Robot Lady?
  5. spoke to the evil robot lady last nite.
    i ordered my 06 on 7/22, and she said " production is on hold for material availabilty" bummer!
    but at least its in the system.
    but shes actually quite the little sweetheart and ill call her daily just to chit chat. :D
  6. Material Availability... doesn't seem right for the start of the 06 production. What did you order??

    I got a vin so I'm hoping the Material availability thing doesn't hold me up. I would assume that if you got a vin your set?? Please please please tell me yes.

  7. I assume if you have a vin# it is good news, because all i got was a confirmation that it was in the system.
    Im giving them t'il the end of august or i will go build it myself..
  8. A friend of mine is an old Ford salesman.

    If you order something new for '06, like the 18" wheels or a new color, you risk a potential delay. And if you combine more than one new thing, like a new color AND the 18" wheels, for example, you compound the problem. 5-speeds are harder to get then automatics, GTs are harder to get than V6s. So, if you have a 5-speed GT ordered with a new color and 18" wheels, be prepared to wait a while. According to him, the dealer gets a printout every Friday on what is scheduled, what has commodity issues, etc. So sometimes changing color or equipment can speed up your build date. It all depends on how hung up you are on a particular color or piece of equipment.
  9. A bit off topic, but how many can the factory pump out yearly?
  10. i ordered ;
    2006 gt deluxe
    windveil blue
    cloth seats med parchment
    130a, standard
    v8 5 spd
    17 "
    18g int upgrade
    still on hold today!
  11. They left me no choice with the vista blue. I would surely hope the paint is mixed and ready to go at the beginning of production. One thing though my dealer told me if i went with the new optional wheels it might go t'il next spring so i passed on that. mine was still on hold today also.
  12. Is Ford still having a problem with getting enough of the my color dash that comes with 18g? If they are, that would come up as "material delay".
  13. Unfortunately, that depends strongly on how much capacity Mazda is willing to give up at the plant.