06 ordering process...??

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  1. What is the proper way to go about ordering an 06? Do you just walk into a dealership and say you want to get an 06, or is there some form online that you have to fill out to order one? Do you think you can order an 06 for MSRP or will it be slightly over? Thanks
  2. You got it. Just tell them you want to order one. They will ask you what you want on the car and then they will total up the price. I ordered mine on x-plan so there wan't any haggling on price.

    I couldn't tell you whether or not you will be able to get it at MSRP though. The only way I could get x-plan was by ordering, so my guess is you would be able to. That would be up to the dealer.
  3. How did you order one already? All Ive been able to do is spec out an 05 to get an idea of the price. Are the 06 order guides out now? Is my dealer slow on getting the 06 stuff?
  4. The '06 order guide is now published.

    Dealer are taking '06 "orders" by taking your deposit, guessing on pricing and options, and putting your name on a list. As soon as the system opens up to take actual orders, they'll confirm what you want and enter the correct order in the production system.