`06 Pony Package reports

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  1. Let us know what you've got and how you like them?

    Some pictures would be great too!
  2. I contacted the dealer where I bought mine and the salesman said he'd call me when a pony package V6 comes in so I can look at it and decide if I want to put it on my car. Won't be for a month or so tho.
  3. I saw my first one today, very classic looking...
  4. i saw a pony package grill the day b4 i bought my 05, just wasnt my thing, looks sorta cheap. :shrug:

    but im sure many people will appreciate it :nice:
  5. We just picked up our son's torch red one yesterday and we all love it. Here is a pic

    Here is a pic of the lucky owner, he is all smiles hehe can you blame him?

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  6. Flew to Knoxville on Friday and picked mine up. Took the long weekend back to Dallas.
    Silver with dark charcoal, leather, spoiler but had them remove side tape.

    Runs great, clutch took a little getting used to.

    I have a noise in mine from the tranny I will need to have checked out by the dealership but other than that I love it!

    Tnx Fred

    Here's the pics

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  7. I concur about the clutch, but once you master it - its no problem Also these trannies are quite noisy.

    I love the charcoal interiors. Must be nice with the Silver huh? That was my 1st choice but I couldn't find an `05 opitioned that way in July.
  8. Can we get a photo that shows the front of the car and the grille a little better? Thanks.
  9. 06 Legend Lime V6 Pony Package

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  10. ???

    Wow . . . I thought that Legend Lime was finished in 2005. :scratch:

    {good choice btw}
  11. I was wondering if the pony package really does include a rear sway bar and a stiffer front sway bar. On Ford's website and in the order sheet it doesn't list those changes but people on this site are saying it has them. So, could one of you lucky owners of a pony package look under the rear and see if there is a rear sway bar.(there should be 2 bars a straight panhard bar and a somewhat curved rear swaybar)
  12. "So, could one of you lucky owners of a pony package look under the rear and see if there is a rear sway bar.(there should be 2 bars a straight panhard bar and a somewhat curved rear swaybar)"

    Looks like 2 bars

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  13. Nice car! If my car had been rolled over to an '06 I would added the Pony package and changed my color from Windveil Blue to Legend Lime.Good choice! Got any more pics?
  14. It looks like it does have a rear sway bar(the one with the tag on it). So, it probably has a stiffer front sway bar as well. So, that pony package is really nice to have because that will help your handling. Really the only difference between the v6 pony suspension and the GT is probably a slightly different spring rate.
  15. My Little Pony

    2006 Ford Mustang V-6
    Windveil Blue
    Dark Charcoal Leather Interior
    Pony Package
    Manual Transmission
    Shaker 1000
    Active Anti-Theft

    I picked up my baby on Monday 12th September, only 9 days after she was built. I love her!!! She handles like a dream (sticks to curves like velcro) and accelerates quite nicely. I hit 80 before I merge into I-95 traffic from the on ramp, which is plenty fast for me and is faster than anything I have ever owned (which really isn't saying much). No problem with the clutch but I have a little trouble putting her in reverse.

    I had the Shaker 1000 put in (killer speaker in the trunk and mad bass) and all of the bells and whistles. The dealership here (Sheehy Ford in Springfield, VA) was great and charged less than MSRP. Everywhere else here is jacking the price up at least $3K and calling it 'Locality Adjutment' or some such nonsense. They are so bold they place it right on the windshield!!! Crazy! Anyway, I love my car, love the bezeled lights, and the stance due to the GT suspension and 17" Bullit tires is awesome. However, here are some mods I am planning (and no, I am not a GT wannabe):


    High Flow Intake Kit w/MMR High Flow Tube
    JBA Silver Ceramic Shorty Headers
    JBA True Dual Exhaust
    Super Chips Custom Tuning XCalibrator 2 Flash Tool
    Dyno Tune


    Quarter Louvers for the rear windows
    GT Rear Valance

    All of that will run about $3K and should improve the already great performance. There is a lot more power in that 4.0L than is currently being harnassed, and I cannot wait until she can breath a little easier. The tune and flasher should help, too!

    I will post pics when I can.
  16. Heh, you have gone 80? I have not gone over 63 yet, since the dealer said not too for the first 500. i have 408 so far, so i have to get another 80 some odd in soon. :)
  17. The book said that there was very little break in period needed (and what is necessary is simply varying speeds the first 1,000 miles), and my dealer told me that there was no need to keep it below a certain speed. Page 5 of your owner's manual gives you specifics. Here in NVA, if you drive on I-95 and do less than 65, you are going to die!!!
  18. thanks for the pictures. i like the new grill alot and hope to get one for my 05 in a few months...we shalls see.