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  1. 2006 Ford Mustng ready for your cutomization and pricing at fordvehicles.com. its's about time
  2. Hey Pilskin! I sure wish I had the patience to hold out for a Pony Package 2006.. LOL!! The 2006 Pony package is pretty sweet..

    I put in for a 2006 GT Deluxe Windveil Blue, with my 05 V6 on trade.. If I can do the swap with $4K, I'll do it.. Thus far the numbers come out to about 6K.. I'll see what this local dealer says.. Like I said, 4K and I'm ordering.. Thanks for the link.. Should find out in 24hrs.. I want them to eat 2K not me.. LOL!! If they want to sell a gas guzzler in these hard times, they will play ball.. LOL!! I doubt it.. We'll see..
  3. If you can do it for $4,000. I'd say you are doing something. There's several thousand dollars difference between the cars, how they are equipped could mean several thousands. And the 05 is used. Depreciation alone could easily be $4,000 before you compare the V6 to the V8.
    I wish you luck.
    If you can do it for $4,000, many of us would probably won't to know the name of the dealer making such good offers when GTs are so hard to find.
  4. I don't understand why Ford has a V6 Standard @ $19,810 and a V6 Deluxe @ $19,910. The only difference is the wheels. I guess the steel wheeled Standard must be the rental / fleet special. So expect to see lots of them in rental lots. Sort of cheapens the whole Mustang experience.
  5. How come the Tungsten Grey and Windveil Blue look exactly the same on the website?
  6. I noticed that too.....check back today, it's fixed.