06 SVT Mustang Cobra Spotted !!

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  1. Actually, the "I'm with stupid" sign means you agree with the poster that you quoted or the poster above your post.
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  3. I think every legit picture has been accused of being a photochop. even when bamagt posted the inst. cluster.
  4. While that is certainly true. None of them has had quite as many problems with them. As this one does. For eample the white test mule shot with the fisheye lens. Did not distort one side from the other as badly as this is. Nor did it erase any parts of the seams.
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  6. Don't bring facts into this debate. :D
  7. Got this off of Ford's website...

    Quote below:

    When the last of the 2003's are gone, this special offer is gone. Far fewer SVT Mustang Cobras were produced for 2004, and SVT will not offer 2005 or 2006 model-year Cobras, so now is the time to act.
  8. My 2 cents... and take this for what it is:
    I can talk Mustangs... I love 'em, I drive 'em. But I couldn't tell you the difference, if any, between a 68 and 69 stang. But, what I do know in and out is photo retouching. It's what I do for a living for a plethora of magazines including Cosmo, FHM, Maxum, etc... Sorry guys, those chicks aren't as sweet they seem in the pics, thanks to people like me. Within a billionth of a second I knew the above pic was photoshopped. Someone would have to show me an original negative for me to believe otherwise. I've been doing photo retouching since the days of the airbrush... I have no doubts about my claim. Draw your own conclusions, this is my own. If I am wrong, I will gladly wear the egg on my face...
  9. It is s real, I have three other pics of that car, and cars like it on my computer. I also know the person who took the pictures. Of all the ones that I have that one is the absolute worst. Yes there were more posted, but at this time I do not believe that I am legally capable of posting these until I check with the picture taker. Rest assured that the car is real, and there is even a blurb about the testing of it in 5.0 magazine this month.
  10. lol, if you have pictures, post them. You don't. Your friend's friend doesn't. This is one of the more obvious photoshops, but people just can't let it go. Suit yourself.
  11. So how do you respond to all the things that have been brought up against it. Anyone can say it's real. But proving it. Especially when it has been blown up to analyze. Is a little harder.
  12. Fine then, email me the pictures and I will assume legal responsibility for MY actions when they are posted on the web. I can say with conviction that you will not be mentioned in any way shape or form regarding how these "spy photos" ended up on this forum.

    If you refuse for any reason at this point, I will be forced to assume the same as everyone else has. These pictures are a fraud as well as the person(s) claiming them to be real.
  13. pretty obvious photoshop... not saying its not real just deffinately not original... but like others said the cobra will not look like a GT... all ur seeing is a 05 w/ a cowl hood... not to bad i might add
  14. Even though I believe this one is chopped, it is true that sometimes they will test the internal components of specialty models (ie, motor, suspension, etc) on regular stang skin. I've seen it.

    Sometimes they don't want to reveal the actual looks of the car yet so they leave it in regular model skin. Sometimes a final exterior design hasn't been decided on when they are powertrain testing.

    I know that BMW and Mercedes do this sometimes when they are testing at the Numbergring (sp) road course.
  15. And I would have been more than willing to accept that as the story. As they did the pretty mch the same with the 03.
  16. Alright, a few things..
    I am new to the site, loved the site a lot, been visiting it for a while...
    What makes me visit it more often now, is watch you guys talk on and on and on how you are pro's at photoshop and how you can TELL the picture is fake. Boy oh boy this is going to make you feel stupid. Yes, I was in Autoweek, that was me. And take these pictures, and tell me how good of a photoshop they are. :owned:
    I figure since i asked ever magazine to put pictures online.. i might aswell now hand em out.. Have em as Wallpaper :)

    replace the X with any number between 1 and 9.

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    :nice: ponder all those "photoshopped images i took" see, if you lived in naples i could show you the digital camera that held those pictures. My friend lives out off of desoto blvd and he said he sees ford and mazda vehicles traveling those roads constantly, so i brought my camera out there to take pictures.. Or is that just a fake, bs'd story??
    wait... one more :owned:
  17. All but three of those pics are from the back. One is from the side, and just barely enough to see the hood. Two are from the front, and are really atrocious quality. I see nothing at all to contradict the assessment that this is a photoshop job. I've seen a lot higher quality photochops created in a lot less time...

    And from the height of the hood in 7,8, and 9, I would expect to actually see it from the back through the windshield on the 6 shot... but I can't.

    Who cares anyway? That's not a car Ford would ever put on the street, and a cowl hood does not tell us anything at all about the motor.

  18. if i could get more pics i would have.. i guess all of you only believe things are photoshopped lol..
    He ran away once he knew i was taking pictures.

    not to mention the speed he was traveling...
    And i am very sorry that i am not the best cameraman in the whole world :(

    I guess, i will continue to read this thread, and laugh with my friends..


    and where are you guys reading that the 06 cobra is going to look like this, i was reaffirmed by a guy at our SVTOA chapter down here that it was a MULE testing a POSSIBLE engine for a cobra. Never did anyone say that the cobra (in 07 apparently) was going to look like this.
  19. Ok let's be realistic. The first 6 shots mean nothing as you can't see the relevant hood. Now on to the next point. So what did you do to your camera to cause it to reverse a picture. Or did you use photoshop to manipulate the photos? Because I personally have not seen acamera that can reverse the image like the difference between images 8 & 9. And yes they are reversed as the deformation switches sides between each photo. And speed won't do that.
    As far as a mule testing a possible Cobra engine. Of course there is. I mean they were using an 03 to test a V10 even though it's production life was over.