06 SVT Mustang Cobra Spotted !!

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  1. I swear you guys will play ostrich on anything. There is now way in hell those pics are photo shopped You can't photo shop in stuff like road grit on a windshield, or lighting effects like what you are seeing. They look out of place if you do.

    No here is the clincher, are you ready.....look at the licnense plate. Go to the DMV if you are really interested, or if you happen to have a cop friend(I do) have him run the plate. If the car wasn't real and didn't exist, then it wouldn't have popped up as a licensed Ford Test vehicle...and it did. There are aproximately 50 proto-production mustang platforms running right now....do you seriously think they are still testing every one for the GT platform? If they were the factory that is being tooled as we speak would have to be put on Hiatus. That car is done, and all they are doing now is data logging. That IS a test mule, and has been documented as such in 5.0 Magazine last month. Don't believe me pick up a copy at Walmart and take a look. It is in the editorial section of the magazine, and goes so far as to explain the power plant that was being tested. Apparently it was a 5.0 cammer putting out in excess of 450 hp. It is ever noted that Ford Scraped the idea and is starting over again, but that they do test at the facility in Naples Florida....where the pictures were taken.

    The car has been confirmed, the pictures have been confirmed, now what is so hard to beileve? They have to test the dang thing some time and someone is going to see it. You can see the IRS, and you can see the hood. The pictures are there, just open up a little. You are making yourseld look silly by arguing a mute point here, and it has gotten to the point now that to say that it is still a shop is almost like saying that they don't make Cobras with superchargers from the factory.

    Come on guys all I am trying to say here is that it is real, it is there. Believe....you know that you want to, and that in your heart what you are seeing is real. Give the kid a break, he took some pictures...albiet they are blurry, but they are very consistent. He did us a big favor, and now everyone is calling him a chop artist....he barely has time to finish stuff outside of school let alone spend his entire weekend trying to make a series of chopped mustang pics. Beside, he has a sweet red GT, and spends what little time he has free driving it. Give him a little respect, he has more than earned it.
  2. I would be more than happy to believe his pics were real. Except that noone not even he. Has come up with a reasonable explanation as to why the front end is sooo distorted. I may not have the digital photography skills of a true expert. But so far noone I have talked to can figure out how the distortion has taken place. Nor has anyone talked about what kind of manufacturing skills would have to take place to distort the front end like that. Especially not how it would switch sides between photos. Ok could you post the license number. Or what number the pic is that you could read the license number. In all of the shots I am seeing everyone is of too poor quality to get a license number off of. But he let's not get wrapped up in discussing facts. Only saying it's real it's real. If you can talk facts then let's discuss it and I'll be willing to believe it's real. Otherwise just keep posting it's real without discussing the suspicious parts of these photos as people have been doing.
  3. i dunno man, do you think someone would spend so much time on making a photoshop image and leave such an obvious screw up? For one thing, this wouldn't even be all that much of an interesting photoshop, i think someone with that kind of time would've done more than just add a cowl hood. The fact that the distortion switches sides makes me believe even more that this is real. how would somebody screw up a photoshop, and make the exact same mistake in a completely different view and on the other side of the car? There are a lot of ways to bend light: around tight corners, through glass, through fluctuations of hot and cold air, all of which could've contributed to what we're seeing. just take a look at a National Geographic kiddy book on optical illusions and you'll see that there are a lot of situations where you can't really trust what you're eyes are telling you.
    I know how hard it can be to back down and accept something after you've argued against it for a while, but man, someone who can admit they were wrong is smarter than someone who stands blindly by something they said before they saw all the facts. I thought it was a fake too when i saw the first pic.
    And dude, svtdriver, you say a lot of smart things and all, but man, you gotta use more commas and less periods, its confusing.
    hahaha, just kidding buddy, everyone's got their style.
  4. I don't have all the answers other than to say that any time a digital photograph is taken, it will be distorted in some way. I have a 3.2 mega pixel, and sometimes it looks as though something is shopped when I take a picture of which the subject is moving.

    I believe he was usuing a 2 mega pixel camera, but I don't know for sure(can't remember). Basicly what happens anytime you take a picture especially a lower pixel, fast moving subject something is going to really blur. Unfortunately digitals just aren't up to the quality of your regualr 35 mm yet.

    I did blow the picture up and have taken it with me to an unnamed LEO friend. He and I both had to look hard but with his skills from law enforcement, and having to read plates at a distance he was able to come up with the numbers.
    Now, the hood on the car was built by a small fiberglass layer in south Florida, and he cam forward on SVTP. He said that he saw the picture there, and was shown it by one of the patrons to the site. After close inspection he allowed that he not only recognized the hood, but he built it. He told us that the guy who came in to buy it, showed him a picture of a regualr cowel hood, and asked him if he could make a cowl hood for the new mustang. He told the guy he would need exact messurements and so he produced them as well as shipping address and payment all up front. The address was labled to the test facility in Naples...the Harley test facility.

    But the best deciding factor was the article written by 5.0 magazine discussing the existance of the car, and that they had scrapped the project and were starting all over again. They also allowed that the car had been tested at one of their southern Harley test facilities.
    I see what you are talking about with the headlights, but the thing here is that any camera will distort especially if it isn't capable of producing high quality images. And more than likely you are looking at a by product of motion blur, and a shakey camera guy.
  5. Ok I always take the devils advocate. So I am doing it again just to discuss the photo. I personally could care less if this is real or not. At this point it is such an old subject. That relevance has been completely lost. But to discuss the points further. I understand that a digital camera has it's limitations. But I have yet to see one that distorts a picture like that. And believe me I have a cheap digital camera. So cheap it is only .35 megapixels (JVC GC-S1 for those that would like to look up the specs). And not one of the pics has ever been distorted to the degree this one is. Blur is one thing, but if you look at the blown up picture. You will also a seam that disappears and changes color. Which while I have not tried to replicate yet. Is not the way it looks in the real world. You may lose some sharpness to the edge. But it will not disappear. And the color change is very abrupt. Which I might have chalked down to shadows. Except for it's inconsistancy with the rest of the lighting and shadows on the car. If you look at the post from Thripper on page 2, you will see most of the concerns. Which up until now, noone wanted to discuss. My problem with the photo is too many things wrong to blame on speed. The GTR on the track photos were taken with blur. But no distortion. Yes it was likely a higher quality camera. But do we know for sure it was? As for the distortion switching sides. That is something that is easily accomplished in photoshop just reverse image. And lastly about the composite hood. I have heard a man in michigan (I think that was where he was from) also taking credit for the hood. And not that it matters to this discussion, but why would Ford go to an outside vendor when they have lots of fabricators on payroll. From the people that do the prototyping to Saleen who builds whole cars (GTR)? Again I want to understand. I don't care if it is legit or not. But this discussion is a lot better than the rehashing of price or colors. :D
  6. What's obvious to one isn't always obvious to another. Ever proof a paper over and over and swear it was perfect, only to have someone else read it to find an obvious error?

    We'll see, but I'm still saying photoshop.
  7. I concur.
  8. even if it is......its terrible.....I can only pray that Henry Ford's ghost is f%king with the designer every night
  9. i don't think anyone's thinking that this is at all what the cobra's gonna look like, so don't worry about that. If it is real, it means that they just wanted to try out an engine that wouldn't fit inside the hood of the regular GT, which i think is a pretty sweet sign.
    as for the actual design of the cobra, i think it'd be pretty awesome if they pulled a GT-R and made it look more like the GT concept, to make it really distinguished. I think most people agree that the concept looked a lot more aggressive than the production car.
  10. I'm with mustang_sallad, SVTDriver needs to learn what a comma is. :D
  11. Decisions, decisions

    How much information do you think we will have about the 06/07 SVT come Sept/Nov when the 2005 Mustang makes it to the dealerships? I am leaning towards waiting for the new cobra, but I want to make some sort of informed decision. With the expected difference in price between the GT and the SVT one could make a lot of mods to the GT. I concur that the concept design looks unbelieveable.
  12. Don't get your hopes up. I barely like using periods. It took me long enough to learn to use them. They take time away from typing other points I have to make. :D As you can tell at times I am not a very patient person. :rlaugh: I have written whole paragraphs without using any punctuation.
  13. I love you guys! You expect someone driving a test car, IN PUBLIC, to stop so people can take pictures????? He got what he could! Do you also expect him (the picture taker) to drive recklessly in the opposing lane so that you will believe these photos are real? They may or may not be pictures of a 'Cobra' but they are not photoshopped.

    We are such a half-full culture.
  14. sweet; i'll start using colons; semi colons and other symbols to compensate for your lack of punctuation: that should help!¿**

    seriously though, i'd much rather the cobra come with more cubes than the GT instead of a blower or something. A bigger engine just seems so much cooler, and that's why these pictures make me happy...
    i mean, did you guys see jay leno's '55 roadmaster with the chevy 572?


    so uhh..... how bout that hybrid escape?
  15. Hah! the one thing I did know for sure was that it was from Florida.

    It's easy to belive that it's a mustang so the tag doesn't matter. And you can't see the IRS or the hood from the back. LOL if you think the exhaust pipes are an IRS.
  16. I don't think anyone expected the car to pullover for photos. Nor did anyone suggest he should have run the guy off the road, or driven recklessly (See I did use a comma:D. And even driving across the freeway from the car. There would not be the same amount of distortion in the front end. It's a little thing we use in the real world called perspective. The farther away an object is the smaller it is. And yet if you look at pics 8 and 9. The closest part of the car is the smallest. But hey enough about reality.

    Mustang sallad. Go ahead use whatever punctuation you would like. I barely recognize they are there most of the time. :p Though I don't suggest you try compensating for any of the things I lack :D :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  17. I will believe a spy photo when I see one in motortrend or mmff :bang:

    I personally don't care, but we should remain a bit friendly. I would like to see more n/a engines in the cobra, more cubes... they just feel better when you step on the gas :)

    Although, I don't make much sence because I love the heck out of my blower :hail2:
  18. The picture was published by AutoWeek, so apparently they don't think it's shopped.

    All they had to say was speculation that it may be the next gen Cobra running gear on a 2005 chassis and skin (save the hood).

    In any event since we don't know for sure just what it is, it really doesn't matter whether it's shopped or not. It seems a bit silly to me to be arguing over whether a picture of a totally unknown configuration is fake or not. Who cares? If it's a fake, then it's a fake. If it's real then all we have is a picture of a 2005 with a big cowl.

    Hell, maybe they're going to put a blower on the V6? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: