06 SVT Mustang Cobra Spotted !!

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  1. Wow. ITs been a while since I visited this thread. The last time I checked, everyone was convinced it was a fake so I just never came back thinking I was duped - I for one thought the original pic was real. Being a loyal reader of AutoWeek, I thought, "Wow, these guya re good if they fooled AW as well." But seeing these new pics, I (PERSONALLY) think these pics are real... if they are fake, who ever did it was really good. But in any case... who knows what this is... it could be the next SVT (which I am PATIENTLY waiting for, instead of buying the GT now) or just some wierd project Ford is testing out. Who knows? It could be a trojan horse they purposely put out there to get the industry & enthusiasts buzzing... Large companies have been known to do that sort of thing.
    In any event, did anyone see the triple-guage pod on the a-pillar?
  2. detroit or NY whatever.. :rolleyes: my point was, the people that called it photoshopped was proven wrong.

    back to the topic, its a mule, car companies use it to test new engines, suspensions etc on disguised cars with crappy bodywork all the time. doesnt mean the new car will look exactly like that.
    My take is that hood is just a cheap aftermarket one modifed to fit the new car so they can test motors that are taller then the stock hood calls for.

    as far as all the arguments about it being fake, I dont buy it.. its blurry and the pics arent exactly high res, and pixelation does weird things...

    either way, who TF cares, I guarantee that the new cobra wont look like the ones in the pics. ITS A MULE!!!!
  3. I don't think anyone recently is trying to say that is what the Cobra will look like. I agree pixelation can do weird things. But if diigital cameras distorted motion pictures as bad as these ones are. I personally don't think they would have caught on. Now I could use my aforementioned crappy digital camera to try and recreate the above distortion. But that wouldn't really prove anything. The problem is nearly every site I go to that have professional Photoshop people. Have those same people pointing out evidence that it is fake. While the same could not be said of the GTR. But I challenge those people out there that say the GTR was also called a fake. To compare how many people said the GTR was fake versus how many say this is fake. You're likely to see the GTR was more widely believed to be real. I personally am always willing to believe a photo is real. If there is something that can be logically explained. But just saying motion blur and pixelation is not a good enough answer in this case. As many other digital pictures do not suffer from the same amount of issues.
  4. This is so obviously real photographs I am laughing at everyone who still maintains they are fake. Distortion like that happens very often, even to the naked eye. You just dont notice it when an objects in motion and you see it go by quickly.
    Look, these are real photos that I searched up showing the same effect. Notice the Lotus' front ends are skewed to one side. the effect is subtle, but its noticeable. V8_2002_roadtest_9.jpg
    This is normal in moving photographs at angles. I dont know a hell of a lot about photography, and I wont claim to, but this much is obvious.
    Heres one of a Police vehicle stopped, but taken at an odd angle as well.


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  5. And I am still laughing at the people that want to change peoples minds by pointing out things that are only somewhat supportive of their perspective. Yes those lotus cars are at angles. And there is some distortion. But notice with execption to the bulbous headlight. EVERY other part of that car follows perspective. With the farthest points away from the camera being smaller than the closest. Like for example the rectangle turn signals or the headlights on the front of the lotus esprit. They are both very close to the same size. And the lotus is even more pixelated than the 06 mule pic is. Then the distortion on both pictures did not even come close to rivalling the color change on the hood of the 06 mule. And though it is pixelated badly. You might want to notice the hood seam ends where the headlight curves around. Where as the mule's hood seam ends where there is nothing to stop the line from continuing.