'06 tire pressure gauges

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  1. I saw that all the 06 will come standared with tire pressure gauges. I was woundering if anyone knows how they are going to work and how aftermarket wheels would affect it? I have also been told that it makes rotating the tires more difficult. If that is true I may just go ahead and go with larger wheels in back. We will have to see but does anyone have an idea of how this new syst is going to work?
  2. I thought the tire pressure sensors were only for SUVs. Are they on the '06 Mustang?

    Depending on how the system works, wheel swaps can be very difficult, especially if the system relies on sensors built into the wheels, like Honda's system. Tire rotation can also be a pain, since the sensors have to be recalibrated when the wheels are swapped to a different location.
  3. Yes, the 06 Stang has the tire pressure sensors.
  4. The system will be mandatory for all vehicles in 07 or 08. The sensor is mounted in the rim. Changing tires is no big deal but changing the wheels could be fun. I guess it depends on how the sensors are mounted to the wheel.
  5. The federal requirement doesn't require an actual PSI readout. So, from the last I read, Ford will be using a half-ass approached which uses the ABS sensors. Basically, checking the rotational speed of a tire/wheel and using that to approximate inflation. From that, just display a "check tires" warning. :shrug:
  6. I have had no problems with the tire rotation sensor method and therefore dont really consider it "half-ass". It beats stupid sensors on the wheels that can mess up when you want to change something (as Mustang owners are completely notorious for doing of course - like me).

    My 98 Buick Regal GS (wife's car) uses that method and I have never had an issue with it. Of course they reccomend you buy tires at the same time (big whoop - you should anyways since you were rotating them right?). And who cares if there is a PSI readout, like I need that information. If you can't tell your tire is flat and you dont properly maintain your tires pressure by checking most every fill up, then maybe you shouldnt be in a car driving on the road. User/driver responsibility I guess... Somethings are just simple enough to do I guess.
  7. OK, you consider riding around on 4 nearly flat tires good. I consider its lack of detection, "half-ass". I guess we just have a difference in opinion.