07 Cobra information, specs/prices/due date

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  1. This was copied and pasted from southfloridaracing.com which on there was copied from somewhere else. Seems like a bunch of wishful thinking to me but if it does happen I want to be the one that said it first. I will belive it when I see it.

    From an extremely reliable inside source at SVT (who is best friends with my sister's husband), this is supposedly the gospel of a lot of what we will see in the new Cobra. This car is already scheduled to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January of 2006 with delivery available in mid (May/June) 2006 as a MY2007. Prototypes that are on the streets today are almost indistinguishable from other SN197's other than tires and exhaust note. There are a couple using unorthodox hood arrangements but these are supposedly not the cars with the drivetrains we will see. Here is what I was told will be the heart and soul of the next Cobra. Time will tell...

    Motor: 5.4 Supercharged, 3 valve heads (with HUGE valves), forged internals similar to the 4.6 (Crank, rods, etc), modestly rated (under rated actually) ~465 HP/495 lb ft Torque, using a twin screw S/C similar to that on the Ford GT but pullied differently, hence the lower HP. This motor was supposedly made official (in house only) just in the last few days. It will NOT be rated the equal or even close HP-wise as the Ford GT exotic for exclusivity reasons. It will have more restrictive intake/exhaust systems than the Ford GT which is partly to blame for the lower performance numbers. Also, a cold air induction system will purportedly being looked at as an option but may be standard if it can get past the bean counters.

    Transmissions: 6 speed manuals standard with a heavy duty 5 speed auto (the tranny used on the Ford Superduty but programmed/geared differently) as an option in late '07 or the '08 M/Y.

    Suspensions: A re-engineered, heavy duty IRS will be an option with a modified 3 link/panhard bar-live axle setup as the standard rear axle. SVT will be going for the Road Race buyer as well as the straight line racer with both axles optional. However, the Axle options are not set in stone as of the moment but look highly likely to be approved. The Cobra will be lowered about 1.5" from a stock GT.

    Bodywork: The retro theme will continue with a serious nod to the '67 Shelby. The fenders may be flared more than the standard '05 but that is not for certain as of now. The ducktail will be factory installed. Also, no convertible is planned for now but no reason was given other than concerns over chassis reliability due to the torque volume.

    According to "John Doe" (he does not want to get 'relieved' of his assignment), only 3 of the Cobra protos built so far have the S/C'd 5.4 in them. There are actually 6 or 7 on the streets now, not all at the same time but there are similarly painted versions of different cars. There are also supposed to be three Protos with 6+ liter motors in them, 2 with blowers, one that is N/A but these will not be used in the next generation Cobra.

    Supposedly, the 6+ Liter motors (he does not know the precise specs on them) are a Hurricane based engine with radical camming and a "first for Ford style of fuel delivery." I have no idea what he means by that and he would not elaborate to my sister either - apparently he was only repeating what he was told.

    Tires: Alledgedly, the 5.4 S/C'd cars are running 315's on the rears, 275's on the fronts using 18" rims. Similar setups are on the other Protos. However, the 315's may only be optional with 295's being the standard fare.

    Performance: The 5.4 S/C'd cars have been clocked in the very low 12's (12.10-12.25) in the quarter at nearly 120 mph and have been traction limited, according to "John". They are also supposedly able to pull over 1 G in handling.

    Per "John", SVT is also adding enormous brakes and will be using an air cooled Intercooler, opting away from the water cooled version used previously due to reliability concerns (?). Other touches will possibly include some form of active/adjustable suspension as an option but he did not know much about it.

    Supposedly, we should expect a price to be in the very high $30k range (base price - 6 speed, live axle, base tire/wheel combos) according to his sources in the know.

    Also - prototype Mach 1's are also on the streets. These are supposedly running N/A'd 5.4's, tuned for 370hp with the 6 speed transmissions for now and debate still ongoing about which auto to use. None of the proto Mach's are running the Shaker hood to keep them cloaked to spying eyes. This car is supposed to appear for the '06 M/Y with some final tweaking to be set in stone by Jan/Feb 2005.

    "John Doe" is considered to be an extremely reliable source. He said that Ford will rely heavily on already built/designed components rather than exotic pieces.

    He also said that Ford is hoping to stymie the rumored F-body's comeback sales numbers with more powerful engines in the V6/GT Mustang in M/Y 2007 cars, perhaps as high as 20% increases in HP/Torque with 10-12% increases in fuel economy. If true, we could be seeing 320/325 HP GT's in 2007! Purportedly, GM is planning to use detuned LS2's in the F-bodies and Ford wants to head them off early with upgraded 3v motors.

    I believe this info to be highly accurate based upon the source.
  2. that sounds good to me since i will trade in my 05 for the 07 cobra
  3. I hope this it true, bro, because if it is, that's great news, particularly if there really are prototype Hurricanes already running AND Ford is thinking of making performance versions.

    I don't know how much bigger you could go on the 3V valves without interferring with the spark plug though.
  4. 5.4 liter.............. :flag:
    It's about time something is done about the anemic 4.6.
  5. Don't mean to nit-pick, but 20% increase in HP & Torque on the 2003 3V, 4.6 would be 360 HP / 384 lb. ft. Perhaps they ment a 10% increase. :shrug:
  6. I will cash in my 401k and sell all of my possesions for a 370hp NA 5.4L Mach 1
  7. there's WELL more than a year before it comes out, nothing is solidified.
  8. I would love to see all that info come true!!! but make that a boss not a mach aging! bring on the cobra!
  9. Well, I can tell you right now that this part is completely incorrect.

    There is NO WAY IN HELL the 5R110 will fit in the mustang. The 4R70W that was in the last generation of mustangs won't even fit because the trans tunnel is so small. They would never put the 5R110 in any car period, it is way too big and way to heavy. And there is no way in hell the 5R55S will handle anything close to 450hp.

    I doubt we will see an Auto trans unless it is something completely new.
  10. 4.6...anemic? :scratch:

    I also certainly hope that this is all true. The Mustang will reign supreme as the premier sports car for the masses if this is all accurate information! :spot:
  11. That sounds interesting. I wonder if there is more than one casting right now for the 3V head - it seems like they would want one with more port volume for a supercharged 5.4 vs. N/A 4.6. They could perhaps get away with using the same one on the 5.4 3V truck engine since torque is more desireable, but it would limit hp on a performance 5.4 destined for the Mustang. And like 351CJ said, things are pretty cramped right now in the combustion chamber to allow for much of an increase in valve diameter, if any.

    This will be a great car if it materializes. Even the 5.4 3V 370 hp Mach sounds good to me. I like the idea of having optional IRS in the Cobra - it would be nice to eventually offer it as an option in all V8 Mustangs, and I would definitely opt for it in the Cobra. And a 325 hp GT would be a very nice base V8 car, along with the evolutionary refinements that are bound to come along.

    There is no real reason for most of this not to happen. J Mays already said there will be 5.4s in the S197 at some point. I doubt Ford will offer an automatic in the Cobra line just because of extra certification costs. We may see a beefed-up version of the current 5-speed auto in the 'Mach' I guess - I could see that happening.

    Good stuff, but would the '03-'04 Cobra guys finally concede? :D
  12. personaly i think they should have put a 5.0 crammer engine in it, they would have had almost the same #'s without a supercharger :shrug:
  13. 5.0 cammer wouldn't pass ford's reliability and emmission guidelines
  14. I like the new mustang, I just wish for the cobra they could get some high HP numbers without have to stick a blower on the thing.

    So they are responding to the LS2 in the 07 Camaro by increasing horsepower to 325? How detuned do they think its going to be?
  15. Although it is a beautiful powerplant, the 'cammer' was not a choice as it is not a Ford production engine. And what is all this fascination with natural aspiration from so many people(not just BAleR)? I'm a purist and I love making power the 'old-fashioned way', but we need more cubes or a blower to be competitive. :)

    While the 'cammer' does produce roughly the same power as the out going SVT 4.6 DOHC, it loses the torque battle by a bunch. If we are giving up 4V for 3V, we need either a better blower or more cubes. Well, it looks like we're getting both! :D
  16. Seriously, what difference does it make that it has a blower or not? Yes they whine, along with the competition... :D
  17. I heard from a super ultra reliable source that the next cobra will have a turbo v6 with 700hp. The next mach, wich will be out next month will have a 450 hp single cylinder 2 stroke motor.

    Seriously...I seriously doubt there will be a new Mach before a Cobra. If the Cobra comes out in 2006, then the Mach (or Boss) might be out the following year.
  18. What about the ZF 6 speed auto trannie that is used by Jaguar and in the 2005 Navigator? It's possible that is the "truck" trannie he was referring to. It obviously will fit in the Mustang because it fits in the Jag S-type and it can handle at least 400 lb ft.
  19. Most everything on a vehicle has to be locked down almost a year before it goes into production.
  20. I wonder the same thing. When all we had were naturally aspirated Mustangs, everyone added boost to get their power craving satisfied. Now that we have factory boost, it is suddenly a bad thing?

    Show me a naturally aspirated engine -- any size, any manufacturer -- currently in a production car, that puts down at least 350 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels from 2500 RPM to 6000 RPM, and makes 415 rwhp. That engine I will consider a suitable N/A motor for the next Cobra.