07 Cobra information, specs/prices/due date

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  1. Well, Ford and Microsoft are going to be at the shop I run the Dyno for tomorrow (Tues). They are bringing a Supercharged V10 Cobra and another car (GT?), to do sound recording on the Dyno for a new Microsoft game. Hopefully we can get some Dyno #'s of the cars. I'll have to wait and see what Ford agrees to.
  2. Hahaha.... you don't quite get how this works, do ya? Just who do you think is going to be buying the next Cobra? Good odds its the current Cobra owners :).

    And besides, the 03/04 Cobra with easy mods puts out *way* more horsepower than Ford is going to give a stock Cobra anytime in the forseeable future. So I don't know that anybody is going to be "humbled." You place too much importance on your car, for most of us it's just a fun toy, not a penis length enhancer.

  3. I was told from my Local dealer today(West Herr) that they have the release to allow to mention that the SVT will be out this fall for sure and that the Mach1 or Bullitt wont be till next year, He has told me that everyday in there dealer they have meetings and before they left they were called into the room to announce it >Ab :nice: out the SVT this fall
  4. Buy it... Bring it....then eat it!

    1G isnt all that hard. You can do a lot with just the right swaybar and mounts. Getting rid of the struts can make a huge difference. Double A's up front puts you over the mark.
  5. Sounds like someone got their butt kicked and want's revenge to me :).
    I sure do hope that the '07 will be faster, they need to be better than the competition that the '03-'04's will have to hold off till it shows up !
  6. Thats exactly what I was thinking. Maybe I will put my D plan to use and get a 2006 Mach 1.
  7. Mr. Martens coulda planned that too just to get our juices flowing. :banana: They know what their doing. I hope! :rolleyes:
  8. Sorry guys, no 07 Cobra today. They only had the Shelby Cobra (V10) and the Mustang GTR (5.0 Cammer). Both were pretty cool cars, especially the Shelby. Anyway...........Sorry no 07 info. Dave
  9. So there for sure is going to be a Mach 1? Is there any other speculation of this? I love the Mach 1's...
  10. :stupid:
  11. Yes it did pull over 1g and you hit the nail on the head.
    It's TIRES, TIRES, and more TIRES and the chassis stiffness. Of course springs and shock valving come into play but if your concerned about the cars skid pad numbers Ford can easily make this new chassis hold those numbers. And I'm willing to bet with off the shelf parts.
  12. Sounds like good news.... I don't know if I'd go all out for the Cobra but the special edition Mustangs like the Mach 1 sure sound nice. Can't wait to see what Ford comes up with.
  13. Yes, and that is being generous. The earliest Mustangs suffered with only 289ci to play with, the 302 was a stop gap, welcomed since it was not a 2.3L. The 281 was a big step backwards, nothing wrong with OHCs (other than the lack of torque) but there's no replacement for displacement. I have a 4.6DOHC than can barely run 13s. I had a 67 big block with 160,000 miles on a stock motor that would run that on skinny tires (205/70/14) and leaf springs.

    The first time the Mustang has been offered a bigger motor than the previous model (since 1971) is very much welcomed by me.
  14. You can't drive then because I have a 98 Cobra very (HEAVY) and I ran a 13.78 BONE STOCK. Took me quite a few passes but I got there. I have a best of a 12.82 on tires with only gears,LT's, h-pipe and some minor bolt-ons and a tune on a crappy track at over 2500 feet altitude.
    Get to the track more and learn how to run these motors before you start knocking them.
    These motors are not anemic. Especially since they are much lower on C/R compared to their competition like the LS1 and LS2. I have seen pre 99 DOHC Cobra motors with 11:1 CR pistons, and intake work and their making close to 400hp at the crank. With cam work, 03 Cobra heads and something as simple as pullies, tune, etc and you could be seeing near 425hp NA out of these motors.
    MMFF has gotten over 400hp from a SOHC GT motor with only bolt-ons, cams, and some minor head massaging. The motor has HUGE potential that’s locked away but the aftermarket has just come around to helping us out. Finally we are seeing a good selection of heads, cams, intakes etc and the prices are dropping with every new offering on the market.
    Theirs nothing wrong with a 4.6 motor. It's actually a great setup. It's a good balance of HP, TQ, and of a useable RPM range due to it being a square bore motor.

    The 4.6 is NOT anemic. I have a tick over 300 RWHP in my 98 with only the mods listed below. I could get more with a better tune, intake work, and cams.
  15. Dude, I don't wanna flame war here but re-read your post. You said it took many runs for you to run your 98 Cobra to what?

    "barely the 13s" is what I said, and I would call a personal best of 13.8 just that...barely into the 13s. In my '97 Cobra (also stock) I've gotten a best of 13.75 and only have four runs to my name.

    Onward...So the 4.6s are not low on power since they have a low CR? Thats sorta the point isn't it? Sure the aftermarket has been slow to make parts, and if you dump a few thousand in mods you too can get your little old 281 up to over 400fwhp too...yippie!

    Okay, take the 4.6SOHC...change the cams...change pistons...change the heads..."work" the intake...change the pullies...do a "tune"...and you too can get 425fwhp? What not just buy a 460, throw a holley and some headers on it and be there? My 1969 351W has that much power with a carb an a modest flat tappet cam and a 9.5:1 CR. The reason it is so cheap and easy is displacement, that is what is wrong with the 4.6es, hell FoMoCo made a 6-cyl that had more displacement than that!

    I read your entire sig, how much have you spent to get the hp ratings on a modern high-tech engine to surpass that of 35 year old stock designs?
  16. You fail to see my line of thought. First off your whole basis was that the motor was weak because of it’s displacement. You recall this?
    This being said I posted multiple ways that the DOHC motor can easily be brought up to running LS1 numbers without even cracking the valve covers while staying at 281cid. If you want to pop the heads you can run amazing numbers with these motors without increasing the displacement.

    As far as your 351 goes it didn't give you too much rev potential, poor mileage, and a big polluter. that being said the 4.6 can pretty much match the 351 while getting better mileage, has better emissions and has a much better mod potential and will respond to mods better.
    Oh yea my costs. I have spent roughly $1500 bucks to bring my car up to roughly 355 hp at the crank. Money well spent IMO. Currently tracking down some 03/04 Cobra heads and 01 intake. Forged pistons and rods are going on as soon as I find a pair. The heads can be had complete with cams for under $600 bucks if you search. That’s combo should easily set me to close to 335-350RWHP, then the N20 goes on. So for another 2K-2.5K in parts I should be running very close to 500RWHP. Not bad for a total of 4K.
  17. My bottom end is good to 8,000RPM, but you are right, the hydraulic non-roller cam will fall on it's face at just above 6. Of course I'm making about as much torque at 2400RPM as you are near peak. As far as pollution and mileage goes I should see 20mpg on the highway, almost exacly like my Cobra, and emissions will be negligable due to making over 1hp/ci, they'll far exceed the regulations that apply to my old car.

    The OHC lets the engine rev higher, and EFI allows for a dynamic tune-up while driving. But pound-for-pound (your 281 weighs more than my 351W), and dollar for dollar with mods, the 351W will outperform the 281, at least up to the 850fwhp range.
    I'll confess to not even knowing what some of that stuff you've listed even is, but if you bought all that for $1,500 you are a shopping genius:D
  18. Please note that I only added up my power adders.
    Pullies 140.00
    Intake 275.00
    Chip and tune 300.00
    MAF 300.00
    LT's 350.00
    Mid pipe 140.00
    Flow master (not really giving me any power if anything their takeing it away)80.00
    Comes out to 1585.
    Not really off the wall prices for these parts.

    Now if you want to add the whole package up.
    I got the LCA's for 150, the AL shaft for 185, the Clutch for 300 (I think, but it may have been 400)
    The pump 120
    The wires 125
    The springs are 150, the triax I got for 150
    Sub frames were 80.00
    The Clutch quadrant and adjuster was 60 bucks.

    1300 more for everything I have.
    I was specifically talking about the motor mods.
  19. about the machs, theres no reason to cloak that, CDC allready makes a shaker for the 05, and CDC is who ford worked with on the setup for the last one... all the test driver would have to say is that its the CDC kit
  20. In regards to the "first for Ford" fuel delivery system.. this sounds like direction injection. If the Hurricane is going to utilize that, then it's going to be an insane performer while still being one of the cleanest burning V8's available.

    The 5.4 S/C 3V engine rumours are coming from all over the place now, so I'm willing to give it much more credability than before. 465hp sounds about right to me...