07 Cobra information, specs/prices/due date

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  1. Where did you get that information on the Hurricane engine from? It's still all rumors until Ford steps up and annouces it. Even on that front, all I've heard is "6.2 liters".

    I'm hoping they move FAR away from the gigantic screw up of the modular's narrow bore.
  2. so was I, Ford knows its customers and knows the 4valves strong points when it comes to mods. It could run 6-8lbs safely while an ls1 can run more like 4-6. They couldnt run lower because the motor would have just been a dog. They hit their hp numbers while leaving room for a safe upgrade.


    As far as a blower being more drastic than a h/c your tripping. A blower is basically a bolt on. I am not talking about running insane amounts of boost. If you want 400hp throw a blower on with some higher flowing injectors, its not a big deal at all. Of course if you want 500+hp its going to be a lot more work and at 281cubes it sure as hell should be. Then again the 4.6L 03/04 cobra motor shows you whats possible when the motor is built for boost. Turbo that **** and your looking at 800+
  3. I'll believe it when I see it
  4. believe what? The turbo 03/04 cobra? Pick up a MM&FF, they tested a kit
  5. :lol: lol thats pretty good
    but ya it seems that sort of stuff happens on most threads
    all it takes is one person to say something off topic (even unintentionally) and then the thread is all over the place
  6. Its good to see the rumor mill still works! I'll just keep saving my money for the new "mo better" version of the Cobra we've all grown to love!
  7. You mean 900HP :D :D :D

    I do agree though, I could "bolt-on" a blower to my LS1 and push 5 psi and it would probably always work. But would it be worth the 5k? No.
  8. I don't mean to take this off topic anymore than it already is but instead of making a new thread I thought i would just bring it up here. I was reading in sport compact magazine (only reason i got the magaizne is cause some kids were selling them in my neighborhood :) ) But there was a preview of the upcoming infiniti Gt-r which is basically the skyline gt-r
    It is rumored to have like 400-450 hp. Just wondered how anyone thinks the cobra will compare to it. I know there is little info on both but just thought I would let everyone know there might be some tough competition out there when the cobra debuts (gt-r debuts the same year too)
    Although i do hope the cobra is able to beat it cause i prefer the cobra over a skyline anyday.
    Anyone else heard anything else about it?
  9. To me, the R34 twin-turbo inline-6 is the ultimate version of the Skyline. Now with it being what we call the G35, even if they use the V8 they were thinking about a while ago........just doesn't interest me as much.

    R34 = :drool:
  10. That was awesome. :rlaugh: