'07 gas fill up issue still exist?

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  1. hello...

    does this problem still exist on the '07 GT models?

  2. There is a gas fill up issue?
  3. It's a TSB where the fuel pump will shut off because of insufficient venting in the gas tank. I've only had the problem on Shell gas pumps really. You can take it in to get it fixed free of charge in about 2 or 3 hours.
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  5. I haven't had the issue but I always fill up at 76.

    I watched my buddy and his '06 struggle 15min to get 1/4 tank in to his car...and yup...he was at a Shell station. ;)

  6. did your buddy ever get it fixed??

  7. Nope, Ford keeps telling him that "something" has to break before they can do the TSB.
  8. there are certain pumps that will give u trouble because of high pressure output. when u do find one, remember where and dont use it next time. :D
  9. Sounds like something they'd say at Huntington Beach Ford! He needs to find a better dealership. I got mine fixed, no questions asked, at Ford of Orange, once I described the symptoms to them.
  10. I've had it happen once in my 07. Unfortunately it was the very first time that I filled it up. As I understand it the TSB applies only to the 05's and 06's built before a certain date. The TSB says that the fix for those cars consists of replacing the gas tank. It goes on to say that for 06's built after that date (and presumably all 07's) the "fix" is to switch to a different service station.
    If you head over to the 2005+ Tech page, there is a listing of all of the applicable TSBs for our cars that BigCat put together.
  11. Happened twice to me, both times at the same gas station.

    The local Shell station has two pumps that pump at too high a pressure, causing the early shutoff problem. I can use the other ten pumps at the same Shell station with no problems. I have had no problems at any other gas station, either locally or out of state.
  12. My 07 had this issue with a fill up the other day at the only local BP station I have. Out of the 3 times I've filled the tank, it did this once so far.
  13. My 07's had this happen once or twice. Had one pump that took 4 or 5 tries to actually fill the tank and it finally seemed to work when I turned the handle sideways. Other than that time, I haven't had the issue.

    First time I ever saw it happen was the 03 Ranger I had before this.
  14. No way! Seriously? "Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this...", doctor - "Well, stop doing that!".
  15. Amazing, isn't it? In over 30 years of car ownership (including 2 recent Mustangs), I've never before owned one that exhibited such sensitivity toward gas pumps or required certain filler nozzles to be turned sideways, upside down, etc. This should have been engineered out before these cars were ever cleared for production.
  16. I'm glad it's not just me - it blows my friggin mind that this is an issue!
  17. What's really bad is that this Mustang isn't the first Ford with this problem. I ran into this same exact problem with a 2003 Ranger. SO it's been around for a few years and hasn't been fixed yet.
  18. I'm hearing that more and more. That being the case, it doesn't bode well for the 07 Mustangs.
  19. 2007 GTs still have the brake fluid cap seepage problem and SJB short-circuit problem (from water leakage).
  20. What is an SJB?