'07 gas fill up issue still exist?

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  1. I just bought an 06 GT and I filled her up for the first time yesterday on 12-28 and I had the same problem. I had to flip the pump upside down to fill her up. It didn't bother me that much but it was stupid.
  2. It is the smart junction box located to the right of the passenger's foot area, hidden by a removable panel. Apparently water can find its way down that fender wall and short out the SJB causing erratic electronics behavior. Possible causes are a body seam leak that allows water from the wiper/cowl area to drain into that area. Ford has used water shields and covers to try and prevent the SJB from shorting out.
  3. I thought that was what you were referring to. Mine leaked there once while on a highway trip during a hard rainstorm. Ther were two small puddles of water on the pass side floor mat and when I checked there was a slight dampness on the foam water shield in the area that you mention. As is the case with the gas filling issue, this is completely unacceptable in any new car these days, but particularl so in the Mustang price range.
  4. I totally agree. It's obvious Ford isn't anywhere close to Six Sigma standards! I personally think the gas tank fill issue is due to an improperly designed fuel filler neck. It needs to be enlarged to accommodate the high output gas pump nozzles to prevent it from kicking off the pump.

    As for the SJB issue - one solution is for Ford to simply make it a water tight SJB with weather-sealed connectors (ala engine compartment harnesses/connectors for the most part) or to properly apply body sealers in all of the seams.

    Someone dropped the ball big time with quality control (what happened to quality at the source???).

    I have not driven the Stang in the rain yet and I haven't filled up on gas either. However, the brake fluid reservoir was dribbling with brake fluid the very moment I brought the pony home. :nono: Luckily TacoBill and others have found that 3-4 turns of teflon plumber's tape will eliminate/reduce the seepage. I sent an email to TRW informing them of this problem.

    My other concern was the amount of noise in the drivetrain and driveline. It feels like a clanging box of bolts but I'm not too concerned about the driveline clunks. The turbine whirring from the synchros, and the gear grinding sounds from the 3650 do have me a little more concerned though. I think it is an issue with the type of ATF used in the transmission. I can swear that when cold, the shifter feels stiffer and more sluggish. When everything is totally warmed up, the shifter feels like I'm shifting through warm butter and not molasses. It's probably because Ford used the cheapest non-synth ATF. I may switch to Redline D4 or even ( eeek) Amsoil ATF.
  5. I concur >

    its more of a filling station problem than a Mustang problem!
  6. It's more of a Mustang problem than a gas station problem. The cars should be designed to work with all gas pumps. Gas pumps shouldn't have to be redesigned to work with certain cars :)

  7. Hmmmm? so you're saying the Ford is responsible to make sure that their cars can take gas from 100% of the pumps on the face of the planet, right?

    that sounds just a tad unreasonable to me.

    When I find a pump that wont fill, I dont go back - = - and OMG!

    problem solved !!!
  8. i have had my 05 tank replaced, but still cant fill up properly now that its cold. i mean $3 max before i have to trickle it in. then i have to check the guage to see where its at, trickle some more......
  9. No but they should very well make sure the car's filler system will accept the majority of the old and new gas pump designs. Ford, as of now, is being lazy and telling you to switch gas stations. My other Fords don't have this problem. My 1981 T-bird can fill up at any gas station I want, same as the 2000 Vic. I bet the 2006/2007 Hondas and Toyotas don't have this problem either.

    High pressure, low pressure, high volume, etc.... whatever design the pump is, they are generally all the same in this area. I have found the rubber bellows to limit the amount of the nozzle that can be inserted into the filler to prevent kicking off too early.
  10. The issue is with the car. I had issues at stations where my wife's 05 Expedition filled fine.

    Problem solved? What happens when someone's on a long drive in Back Woods, Nowhere, and the only gas station they can get to is one which will not allow the car to fill?

    What's the world coming to when people have to dck around with where they can get gas, cos Ford can't something as basic as a gas-tank right?

    100% of gas stations in the world??? I think a lot of people would settle for 75% of stations in US. Unreasonable?
  11. Sorry but I've gotta call :bs: on that comment. The first time I tried to fill my 07 it was from the same pump and nozzle that I routinely used for both my 95 GT and 96 Cobra. The car took about 7 gallons from empty then acted like it was full. This pump worked fine on my 96 Mustang just a week or so before. I ended up having to move to another pump at the same station to get it to fill the rest of the way, and then that pump failed to shut off and p*ssed gas down the side of my brand new car. No, this is an engineering issue with the car, and just another corner that Ford chose to cut rather than do the right thing a fix properly. No car that I have ever previously owned has exhibited this problem, even going back to the early days of the reduced size filler opening when unleaded was first mandated for catalyst equipped cars. I'm not buying that it's the gas station-I think we all know deep down that it's the car.
  12. personally, i think it is related to the "saddlebag" tank design. i wonder if if they did not design the internals so that it would readily flow to the other side of the tank during fill ups. :shrug:

    wish i had one i could disassemble to find out. :(
  13. I thought about that, but if you look at the FSM's exploded view, the filler neck is a restrictive rat's maze whereas in most cars the filler neck is somewhat of a STRAIGHT shot into the gas tank. I can see how the filler neck on the GT could quickly fill from a high volume/pressure nozzle and click it off.
  14. I keep a mileage log of all my cars the first few years of ownership. I have filled up my GT 32 times now. Of those, 4 have stopped before filling completely. Has happened at the same exact station, Valero(2 different pumps). The amount it takes before not taking anymore has been betwen 9.64-10.4 gallons. I have not had any problems at any other stations. I still fill up at that same Valero, but have used a different pump that has always worked fine. The trick I use is that if it has the little detents on the nozzle lever to set it on the slowest one OR if it has no detents, to hold it the old fashioned way and just less than full squeeze.
  15. i have had the problem with as little as $3, even on the first detent. MULTIPLE times :nonono:
  16. Let's see. I have to carefully pick and choose the fuel pumps/nozzles for my 07 Mustang for a fill-up and hope I get lucky on a long trip in an unfamiliar area, but didn't concern myself with this inconvenience with my 05 Magnum, 96 Cobra, 95 GT, 99 Sebring Convertible, 92 Nissan 4x4 Truck, 79 Datsun P/U, 86 300ZX Turbo, 86 Maxima, 78 280Z, 76 & 72 Spitfires, 84 Monte Carlo, 90 Voyager, 78 Trans-Am, 77 Capri, 72, 69 & 64 VW Beetles....
    Ford dropped the ball on this one big time.
  17. Here's a comparison of the 07 Vic and 07 GT's filler tubes.

    The GT filler tube looks like it almost has a trap at the last bend. Coupled with insufficient venting, it could easily fill up and cause the high pressure nozzle to click off. The Vic's filler neck is of a design that is commonly used and less likely to fill up too quickly.

    I have not tried to fill up the GT's tank yet, but the first thing I would try is pull the nozzle out a bit more so the filler neck itself could help vent more air from the tank.

    Good luck, and short of Ford coming out with a revised filler neck, I don't see any permanent fixes other than trying different gas stations, filling it with the nozzle upside down, or pulling the nozzle out a bit more.

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  18. Interesting diagrams. It sure looks like that the problem could be the bend in the filler tube. I'm also guessing that the reason for the initial pump shut-off at approximately 7 gallons has to do with filling one side of the saddle?
  19. Wow now you mention it, the saddle bag is a really funky design. How do they expect the fuel to flow upwards over the hump to the other side? It's probably a combination of things. I guess it is ironic that the Pony has a saddle bag for a gas tank.