Suspension 07 Gt Rear Control Arms (recommendations)

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  1. I've spent a short time reviewing some prior threads and I'm now considering three options for rear control arm replacement. All are about the same $. (Ford Racing a bit less).
    I'm after standard performance, but something that will likely last more than 18K.
    Looking for opinions. Maybe a great link I missed.

    (FordRacing was my own consideration prior to forum search.)

    I don't beat on this car. It just turned 18K. No way I was going to let Ford dealership replace these with same garbage. (for 680!) They also charged me additional $40 to tell me huge noise was from "Rear conrol arms shifted on bushings and rubbing on unibody". Car was already up on lift. I called them on it, saying suspension inspection was included in "Works" package I'd already paid for. They said extra charge was for the additional "shaking and measuring"! So, after 12 years of loyally letting them rob me, I'm shopping out work.

  2. CHE, hands down.
  3. i prefer UMI performance. top notch quality, American made, and fairly cheap. as for install its so easy its almost and insult not to do it yourself
  4. I have J&M Extremes and am completely happy with them. The wheel hope is completely gone. Pretty much any aftermarket arms will be superior to the factory pieces. I would avoid the Ford Racing Arms, they Gt500 arms , and basically reinforced versions of the ones that came on your car. Based on what I have read in the GT500 forums, they do not eliminate axle hope.
    Also if you plan on dropping the car anything more the 1.5 inches in the future I would go with adjustable arms.
  5. The reason I use CHE is they have injection molded bushings and do NOT require greasing, they use a Delrin sleeve between the the bushing and bolt pin for lubrication which also allows the pin to float free eliminating harsh ride from stiffer bushings. Also completely American made by small business's
  6. I'm a BMR guy. I love their components and they've served me very well. I went with the spherical end and fluted polyurethane combo ( I do lube them - every 6,000 miles with a synthetic grease. The increase in NVH was minimal and certainly worth the trade for increased plant and control for the rear end.
  7. Check out our chromoly LCAs:

    They feature our 3-piece poly urethane bushings that reduce deflection by using polyurethane bushings with a harder inner bushing that combine to provide only a very slight increase in NVH. They're made in the USA and feature a lifetime warranty.

    Let me know if I can help you with that.
  8. I'm running the UPR LCAs on my S197 and they work great. Cornering grip is improved, and they also aid straight line traction as well. Our LCAs are Made in America and they carry a Lifetime Guarantee.
  9. Why is it not covered by the factory warranty?

    I have the UMI and love them. Great quality and you basically get the upper rear free when you buy the lower rear at Summitracing.
  10. I have had J&M, Steeda and CHE arms on my car at various times. I have ended up with the Metco arms and I think they are the best of the bunch. The Steeda and CHE are both good arms, The J&M I blew out the bushings on. Most of the companies arms are similar in qualities and it would be hard to make a wrong decision.

  11. Thanks for all the great advice.

    I'll likely try the CHE . How bad will shipping be?
    Also, if I get new bolts, where should I go?

    I liked the price, free shipping, and the extra hardware that I would get with the Ford Racing arms, but hey, I'm not going to waste the good advice I've received here just to save ~$50 .

    Regarding warranty - BIG mistake not to buy extended warranty. Not sure what I was thinking.:doh:
  12. If the bushings were worn out I have doubts an extended warranty would have covered it anyway. For what those cost you could invest in tools and have something to show for $2000.00. However, if you really want a warranty you could probably still buy one.
  13. Normal wear and tear are not covered in an extended warranty, so you would have had to pay anyway. You should use new bolts, as they are one time use type. I would get them from Tousley Ford parts They usually have the best prices on Ford parts.

  14. I have a set of CHE's in black in stock on the shelf ready to go FREE ground, I can get them out by Monday for you. New bolts are not required.

    CHE LCA's