07 GT500 - 2 test mules caught in Las Vegas

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  1. Looks like that's the black one that I spotted over here in Ann Arbor not too long ago. The tag (MI "manufacturer's" plate) is the same, and the unpainted hood, et al, are identical. Must be doing the warm weather testing out west or something, eh? :shrug:

    (link to thread w/ crappy pics: http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=564244 ).

    MI registration: 158 M81

  2. Thank you! Any idea of the rear tire size?
  3. That puppy gets around! :spot: Another guy contemplated that they probably drove it to the Arizona proving grounds and I guess the guys wanted to take a break or something in Vegas. (~3 hours away)

    Tire size: P255/45ZR18, so Z rated, 10inch width, 18" tire. (From picture 223)

    :D :D
  4. actually, a co-worker of mine has pictures that were emailed to him by one of his friends that spotted 3 of them on Tues. White, Red, and Black. The white and red had full body kits hoods... and the black one was more in stock GT form.
  5. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that those valves in the back are for the gas tank? perhaps some sort of safety precaution?
  6. The stuff on the back is battery on/off and gas tank drains for a test car. trailer hitch is to test load?
  7. :rlaugh: NO! you are wrong! The trailer hitch is not to test load. Ford has engineered the cobra to be the world's fastest boat hauler! :rlaugh:
  8. I believe that the valves are for the "in-use" emissions testing. Also, the hitch is to test load...

    It would be cool if you could pull your boat with the GT500!! :hail2: :hail2:
  9. The cars shown in here are most likely powertrain calibration vehicles.

  10. Oh yeah PCV's :rolleyes: They are test mules, they are testing multiple things, all of them. Boost levels, tunes, hoods, etc.
  11. They are here in Denver at the moment for anyone that wants to look inperson.

    At the Amerisweets near I70 and Airport. Prked right out front side by side. I got pics of course.
  12. Yank one tonite and take it for a joy ride then return it by 5AM
  13. The cars are not mules. Mules are used in the very early stages of a program. These cars are the last phase of prototype before production.
  14. Mules are used until a production a car is finalized. They are mules (test vehicles)
  15. Usually Mules are build froms - ie current production. PT most often uses mules. Since this car goes into production next summer these are prototypes using preproduction parts. There are several running around Dearborn.
  16. Insider

    Do you know the blonde lady who was driving the red 'vert (black top) today (Fri afternoon) out on Hankerd Rd (rural Washtenaw Co)? :shrug:
  17. I do not know that information. I do know another blonde lady (my wife) who has been known to birng home all kinds of Mustangs from time to time. Around Ypsi township & Saline area.
  18. I like the hood vents on the show car better.
  19. +1

    I hope they come through my town via I-40 :D I'd love to see them in person

    They need to clean them tho.. they're gettin a little dirty.. but it's still a GT500 :hail2: