07 looks far away, I wish we would have stayed on the fox a few more years.....

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  1. Does anyone feel that the 05 mustang is coming at the worst time in history? Regular unleaded hit $1.79 here which we're always the cheapest gas in the country. I'm afraid this maybe another 1973 because I'm not sure gas will go back down to levels that allow the performance cars to thrive.

    I'm sure we'll see at least a few years of the svt mustang and maybe a high end shelby cobra but I not sure there going to sell good unless they are deals. I sure hope I'm wrong but I feel we may not see many more mussle cars and GM and Dodge were late to the party. The new fast cars maybe more like the SRT4's.

  2. I don't think it's all that bad yet. Gas may be expensive compared to what we are used to, but it is still relatively cheap. Even if it hits $3 per gallon, that may not compare to what it has been in the past, when you look at what a dollar will buy you now as compared with then.

    And as for things like the SRT4 being the future... I hope not :D. Not all four cylinder turbos are necessarily fuel efficient, a 2004 Subaru WRX STi is EPA rated at 18/24, compare that to a 2004 Cobra at 17/24. And the Cobra weighs 400 lbs more and makes well over 100 more horsepower.

  3. OK everyone complains about gas prices but think of this.

    A car that gets 25 mpg and drives 12,000 miles a year (average) will spend $859.2 on gas at $1.79 per gallon and $600 on gas at $1.25 per gallon. Wow big difference $260.

    Also, between a car that gets 20mpg and a car that gets 30 mpg driving 12,000 miles a year w/ gas $1.79 its gonna be $716 a year for the 20mpg car and $1074 a year for the 30 mpg. $358 difference, whoopee.
  4. Lose your job and see how big that is. With everyone offshoring work most jobs around here pay $6 to $12, if you in IT good luck!

    The new mustang SVT's and LE cars are going to be 40k + and they won't get what the GT gets now due to the increase HP. Look at the GTO it's already paying the gas gussler tax. Say what you want but most wives are going to opt for a better house than a 500 to $600 a month car payment. It doesn't affect me at my age but the new car won't be my primary driver either. Wonder what the good old insurance will be on a 400-500+HP car, don't know about you but that's been going up quite a bit the last year too since they are now losing money..........
  5. gas is still not as high as it was about 2 summers ago...
  6. Ok they just came out with the new GTO, they are having a new Corvette, a new mustang, maybe a new cougar. They just built the SSR which is fairly muscle carish. GM is sure to bring back the camaro in some form or another after awhile. Dodge wants the Charger back. Everyone forgets about the Marauder, with classic muscle car roots. We have the Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300 with the hemi, and the Chrysler has classic roots.

    Horsepower wars are starting betwen manufacturers and you could almost call it a revolution.

    2004 Corvette - 19 mpg / 28 mpg
    2004 GTO - 17 mpg / 29 mpg

    The LS1 and many GM engines get really good gas mileage, its usually much closer to the 28 or 29mpg, the reason the city is so low is because the gas mileage plummets when you start getting on the gas. Ford is way behind on gas mileage the new mustang with the 3 valve headed engine should be more efficient and get better gas mileage.

    They should have these muscle cars but then have stripper versions like in the 60's where you got a big engine and didn't need power windows and such. The dodge razor was a really good idea, cheap and fast. Shoulda had a V8 though.
  7. Your saying that gas is a big factor if they don't have a job, but if they don't have a job why would they be looking at a $40k car?!?!

    Also, you say people won't want the muscle cars because they get bad gas mileage and because they would rather spend money on their house payments then a car. Why is that excluded to muscle cars? You mention the SRT-4 which doesn't get very much better mileage than a mustang and is roughly the same price and the mustang has more horsepower. You don't make sense with what you say, your talking about a couple hundred dollars more on gas being terrible, but then you talk about $40,000 cars???

    Insurance isn't outrageous for mustangs, especially cars like the Cobra because it would generally be older people driving them. I would venture to say that the SRT-4 would be terrible since it's cheap and appeals to younger inexperienced drivers. It's just like motorcycles the bigger more powerful bikes have cheaper insurance because young kids are more likely to buy the cheaper version. (GSX-1000 vs. GSX-600)
  8. OK and the fox platform was only around for 25 years in one form or another. Back in the 60's cars were completely redesigned every couple of years.
  9. Please take note to all that make these mistakes:

    You're---you are---"YOU'RE going to the dealership."
    Your---possession---"I bought YOUR new car today."

    There---place---"Did you see that Cobra over THERE?"
    Their---possession---"THEIR Cobra caught on fire."
    They're---they are---"THEY'RE going to smother the fire quickly."

    Two---number---"Those TWO guys are driving."
    To---direction---"They're going TO the auto show."
    Too---also---"Well, she wanted to go TOO."

    I even tried to car theme it. :)

    As for gas prices...Yeah, because of the media and grandparents, many people seem to think that higher gas prices make a world of difference between a Mustang and X car, so sales could suffer a bit.

    In reality, the difference is minimal. If you can afford to buy a $27k GT, then you should be able to pay an extra few hundred $ in gas per year. The SUV/Truck that you probably own is much more worthy of a gas complaint, not a Stang of any breed.

    Hopefully Ford has predicted this high gas price craze, and the new Mustangs are very fuel efficient, so that even grandpa can encourage you to get one.
  10. I'm sorry but this is starting to sound like another "The sky is falling" thread. The reality is more likely. If you lose your job. You'll be thinking of selling your stang not buying a new one. Not all people figure gas mileage into the purchase of a car. Look at SUV's for proof of that. If your wife wants a larger house. There is usually more of a reason than. Not wanting a performance car.
  11. Ok lets get this straight, you should feel lucky paying for these gas prices. Usually the United States is use to paying around 25 bucks for a barrel, i think its now at 35 or something. We have one of the cheapest gas prices around the whole world. Go to England... its like 3 or 5 bucks there.. andywhere else its the same thing. Plus if you think about it, prices now are no higher than they were back lets say in the 70's (im only 20 but whatever heh) because of the worth of the dollar.
  12. just a correction here it's guzzler and the GTO only has to pay it on the crappy automatic, if you get the manual which makes more sense to me at least you don't pay that tax :nice:
  13. 1) Fox-body doesn't pass '05 crash regulations (4th Gen Camaro didn't pass '03)

    2) 53% of all new automobiles are SUVs, Vans, & light trucks, they all get worse milage than a V8 Mustang. V8 cars are not the biggest pigs on the road like in 1973

    3) GTO with the 6 speed Manual gets 29 hwy vs. 21 hwy in the 4 speed automatic. In 2006 RWD GM cars and trucks will start to get a 6 speed automatic tranny, that should fix that problem.

    4) The Vette makes 400HP and sill gets better milage than the 4 cyl S2000 and 178HP turbo Miata, STI, and Evo.

    5) Pushrod V8s from GM and Dodge are now offering Displacement on Demand which saves 10% fuel use while not taking away performance.

    6) The 2005 Mustang GT 3v 4.6L runs on 87 octane, meaning it will probably be cheaper to fuel than Import lux cars like Acura and Infiniti that have V6s and run on the 20ยข more 91+ octane.

    7) Gas prices will drop once production picks up, there is a lot of political BS going on right now. The American people will not stand for $2+ a gallon, if it stays higher than that for an extended period of time you will see poloticials take a lot of crap. If gas 1 year from now is this high than it is for artificial reasons.

    8) Gas prices are NOT at an all time high (when fixed for inflation), but fuel economy in cars is at an all time high. The Avg muscle car in the 60s/70's got 10-12mpg, today they are getting low/mid 20's mpg. A LS1 Camaro gets the same milage today that a V6 Camaro got in 1985, and the LS1 puts out over twice the HP.
  14. It was the 70s when mileage got bad - not 60s. My 289 4V D-code 1965 Mustang got 21 MPG on the highway. Which WAS bad for the day, but not by 70s standards. (The V-8 I traded in got 25.) In the 70s they were putting the first "pollution controls" on cars, and weren't very good at it. I saw 4-cylinder cars (like a Vega) getting less than 15 MPG then. My 70 Olds (RIP) got only 16. Of course, if a car burns more gas it pollutes more... the extra fuel has gotta go somewhere.

    But don't compare to V-6s which have always gotten lousy mileage. It was up into the 90s before V-6s got as good mileage as V-8s. Actually, the v8 is a very efficient configuration in a 4 stroke-cycle engine.

    Current gas is at an all-time high in the US. It's $1.699 for 87 octane regular here now!!!
  15. Well, you say ur gas is cheapest in the country, but our gas in SE Georgia is $1.60 a gallon.

  16. Not when you adjust for inflation. Gas was far more expensive in the 80's

    Also a V6 in a 1985 Camaro got better milage than the 305 V8. A modern V8 Gets '85 V6 milage with Big block levels of power.
  17. A Mustang with this level of power and sophistication in a GT package would have been big hit if it were available in the 93-98 time frame. Why a Gt package? They made a Cobra with similar performance numbers, but it was a limited production vehicle and more expensive than a regular GT.

    I am not saying it won't sell now. During the early to mid 90s, there were a lot of people with money burning a hole in their pockets from the IT revolution and other electronics related businesses. I keep hearing that things are looking up, but the economy isn't anything like it was back then.