07+ Shelby/Cobra convertible?? Wife's idea!

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by VOORHEES, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Riding along with the wife yesterday, we were not talking about Mustangs specifically, but this yellow 99/01 vert Cobra passes us. It sounded really nice btw. My wife suddenly says those magic words....why don't you get a convertible as your next Mustang? I was shocked to say the least. But, my response was "I've thought about it"....what makes YOU want one I ask? She said "well, by the time we get another(added the words "which will be a while"), your shop will be complete(2-3 yrs), and it won't be outside in the rain at all".
    I said "we'll think about it".
    Now, I've always been partial to fastbacks and coupes in general, but there is always desire to own at least one vert' in my life. Why not the top dog Cobra? hmmmm. Now, what SE will Ford do in a vert'.
  2. Tell her its none of her buisness what you buy because your the man of the house.

    J/k lol.. thats cool, my g/f gets pissed when I spend money, and its not on her .. ^^And I will be buying a ..GT500 .. I cancelled my order and switched funds to waiting list.

    Good Lucky Bro, just keep her happy till than.
  3. Nice!!! :D

    I'm getting a 'vert too----if they make one, that is. :)
  4. It has been said that ford will not be making ANY Cobra verts. Too bad for them they just lost a sale in my book.
  5. My wife told me we would be getting a 07' Shelby, for sure!!
  6. I think the only way I'll be able to get one is if it is a vert....
  7. I personally prefer the hard top but it would stink if they didnt make a vert . I know it would disappoint alot of prospective buyers and it's nice to mix it up a bit.
  8. I heard that no convertible is planned for the new SVT GT500.

    Too bad.

    :flag: :nice:
  9. Two guys I went to high school with got killed when they rolled their convertible. That's why I am leery to ever get a vert, I rolled a car once. (Yes, there were a lot of bad drivers at my school) Luckly the two guys that died were both major a-holes and no one missed them.
  10. Ouch, that was harsh.
  11. I would love the car either way. I personally believe they should find a way to make a retractable hardtop convertable so that it can retain its mean stance as a coupe, and its stiffness...but still be able to put the top down when u need to. I would spend all kinds of money I can't afford to have a GT 500 w/ Retractable Hardtop!!! :nice:
  12. Yeah a retractable HT would be cool, but Ford is about keeping the Mustang priced low for its performance payoff. They wanted to keep the GT500 under $40k so a special top on a few cars would definately push the price up. This one is looking pretty nice from the car mags though and I'm glad they finally stepped up the motor. I love the 4.6s but there is no replacement for displacement.
  13. Very nice man! :nice:
  14. Voorhees, tell your wife to wait for the NAIAS Show in Detroit in Jan. '06 for the unveiling of the production model of the GT500 and GT500 Vert. That's the "Latest" rumor circling the Internet these days.
  15. I'm not really expecting anything, but does anybody think we will see anything or hear any news at SEMA in Vegas? I will be there reporting and bringing back pictures for all to see.
  16. Same for me. She told me that I DEFINATELY NEEDED ONE. I agree completely with her. Then again I just bought her an Acura MDX so I guess, it's only fair.
  17. retractable hard top would make every last gt 500 an almost gauranteed sell
  18. Unfortunately that will not happen. Ford is trying to keep the cost (and weight) down as it is, so a retractable hardtop is definitely out the question even though it would be great to have.

  19. It will be quite some time before I get another, so there should be many versions to choose from by then. I can't wait.

  20. Sorry to chime in here.. But, Tacbear, your Mustang is ridiculous!! You better not ever sell or trade in that baby!! Way to go man!! Geeezzz!! Sweet!!

    Coming from someone who has a very particular tounge for nice Mustangs.. Please consider this a compliment..

    Basically, you have nailed it man!! :nice: