Drivetrain 07gt Transmission Problem (tr-3650)

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by UnscrewedFork, May 31, 2013.

  1. I have a 07 GT and i have recently been having problems with the transmission. the car is a Manual. 65k miles. on its 2nd clutch. i started hearing noises when shifting between gears, not grinding gears like if you miss a shift, but more of a lower raspier sounding noise. my clutch pedal was only engaging near the very end of the pedal so i got a new clutch (exedy stage 2) the problem still persists, now with more slipping once in gear. and also if im in 2nd gear accelerate to 3-4k rpms and let off the gas the same noise happens. so i took it to a transmission "specialist" that i have never been to before. (never needed tranny work before) they seemed very honest and knew what they were doing. so i had them look at it and tell me it was the bearings and the gears were damnaged from the bearings dropping. $2,200 bucks later and i drive it out of the shop... SAME PROBLEM. he nearly rebuilt my transmission and i have the same exact problem i had before. they knew the clutch was new so they started to re bleed the master cylander in case my regular mechanic didnt do it right. by that time i had to leave for work, so i dont know where it stands at this point, but im going down first thing in the morning to get this settled. i PAID 2,200 bucks to have my transmission FIXED only to pay the money and drive it and immediately hear and feel the same problem i took it to them for in the first place.... what should i do?
  2. so i went down to pick up the car... SAME problem as before. they said they put a new rebuilt transmission in it. they also said drive it for the weekend and see what happenes. they also said they would order yet another "new" one if i am still unsatisfied by the end of the weekend. its gotta be the transmission, the engine revs and sounds normal till its in gear... grr