08-09 OEM HID Using Stock Harness - Write Up


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Nov 25, 2018
SOOO, I believe I found an easy way to wire up the Ford OEM HID headlights from a 08-09, onto an 05-07, using the stock MAIN headlight harness and the OEM ballasts from the headlights. The factory harness is discontinued and I cant find it anywhere. So here is the plan:

1. Purchase H13 HID 35w relay harness, and two H13 MALE sockets. (PIC4)
2. Replace the TAN male HID plugs on the HID headlights with new H13 male plugs (cut and splice) (PIC1)
3. Cut the Hi/lo wire connector ends off of the relay harness and splice into the white/black wires on the headlight/ballast(s) harness with the gray male plug. (I AM ASSUMING THIS IS THE FACTORY HI/LO CONTROL AS ALL OTHER CONNECTORS GO TO BALLAST. MAYBE SOMEONE KNOWS) (PIC1-oem harness)(PIC5-what gets cut off)
4. Cut the male ballast(s) connections off of the purchased relay harness and splice into the factory ballast(s) wires using pinch connectors. (PIC3)
5. The typical connector to the main harness on aftermarket relay kits is usually the 3 prong connector that looks similar to a wall plug. Cut this connector off and splice the purchased relay harness wires into the factory harness (PIC2)
6. Plug the H13 relay harness connectors into the new pigtails installed on the headlights in step 2
7. Wire the relay to the battery as you would with any aftermarket HID kit

I'm not sure this exact idea has been covered anywhere, I couldn't find it. I've seen some write ups that involve a ton more cutting and buying extra parts, but if you think about it, everything you need is already attached to the headlights, you just need to match the aftermarket harness to what the OEM HID harness looked like. The only question is whether that grey connector with the black/white wires on the headlight/ballast harness, IS the hi/lo control wire???

To say I am a novice with electrical would be an understatement, so if there is something wrong here (obvious or not) please let me know. Thanks


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Nov 25, 2018
Ok, another question hopefully someone can answer:

Does anyone know if the 07GT500 HID harness is the same as the 08-09 GT HID harness? Or at least, if it will work with the same modification in the silverhorse write up? Thanks
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