Roush 08 427R Heat Exchanger damaged

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  1. OK, need some help. Wife took the Roush to vist her grandaughter and ran over a retread that came off a truck tire. She was in the center lane with cars on each side and one behind. Couldn't avoid it. Put a hole in the heat exchanger (somehow...). Called the Roush dealer- $670
    Dealer says it's a Roush specific part-not a Ford part, but it looks identical to the heat exhangers on earlier Cobras...
    Do I have any options here? Does it HAVE to be the Roush part? Are there any aftermarket parts that meet the same spec?
    THis is the tank in front of the radiator with the pump hooked to it.
  2. Shame you can't get some kind of warranty assist or price break on the ROUSH unit ... there are other options ROUSH owners are using.
  3. Haven't looked at Steeda yet, I have John at BBR looking into non-stock replacement options. I figured if I have to spend that much, I might as well get a better heat exchanger...

    Opps, wrong acronyme...Blow By Racing. I was refering to Booze Brothers Racing in PA, they are a Roush distributor.
  4. Thanks for the link! Great info. Regardless of the choice I make, I am still over $100 under the cost of the Roush part. I think I will have to subscribe to that forum!
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    Where'd my thread go?

    I finally received my parts for the damage from the impact with a retread tire. The LH faux air extractor trim needed to be painted. Good thing I know some "people" cause Unicoat wanted $90 for a PINT of Sangreia Red Pearl Clearcoat AND another $90 for a gallon of reducer. Geez. So our buddy who runs a body shop mixed me up two tenths of a pint. SHould get the part back Monday.

    I decided to go with the Steeda heat exchanger. $200 less than the stock replacement and supposed to be WAY more efficient. It must be because the thing is over twice the thickness of the stock part. And it is technically a bolt in part, but it was a huge pain to install. I didn't pull the front bumper cover off, which would have made it much easier. I managed to wedge it up into place without damaging anything. Once in place, it fits perfectly.

    Filled with GO5 50/50 coolent & distilled water. So far works great! No performance comparasons yet, but runs great again. Been sitting waiting on the parts, so got washed & detailed today. And a little run to the store. Nice to be back on the road. Will be taking it out tomorrow.
  6. Good to know you're back up and running .... STEEDA makes good stuff.
    Looking forward to some pics. Speaking of which, have you shared the beauty over at FNS?