Bullitt '08 Bullitt....would you mod it?

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  1. Well I am seriously considering getting rid of my 5.0 and buying an '08 Bullitt. I have never been someone who could leave a mustang stock and i know i will modify it. What is your guys take on it? I already am looking at what exhausts sound good on the '05+ mustangs. There is a question right there; Ford seems to have done there homework with the exhaust, i havent heard it in person but i heard it sounds pretty mean. Would you go and modify it? If I could I would personally try to delete the cats just so its a bit louder. Any opinions on doing mods to these cars.
  2. Absolutely.
  3. If you mod it, I'd hold onto the original parts; stick them in a box in the garage.

    Just on the (possibly rare) chance that it does develop a cult following, a potential buyer down the road might want to keep it stock.

    Just my .02
    (2001 Bullitt owner, pretty much stock except for a CAI)
  4. agreed
  5. You bet!! :nice:

    Keep an eye out for MRT's Bullitt "Reload" for the 2008
  6. Definately...first priority: GEARS!
  7. Of course...look at my sig.
  8. Well lets look at it this way. It already has a cold air intake, good tune, 3.73s, sweet exhaust, and I think the shifter is better on all 08s. I've also heard the exhaust gets a little louder after you break it in some. Honestly about the only thing I might do is ported heads and or cams, headers with all the stock exhaust, and better wider tires. The car already has the most popular mods done for you and done very well I might add. I love to have one to park next to my 01... maybe someday...
  9. Headers, cams, heads. All nice mods. Skip all that and just add a blower. :nice:

    What serial number Bullitt do you have Dollarbill? Member on IMBOC??
  10. I have an 01 Bullitt and the exterior hasnt been modded but the engine had to for me. I just "windowed" my old block :( on 10 PSI and am currently having another one installed.

    I think it comes down to your personal preference though. You will be able to find many peopl;e that will argue both sides of leavingit stock and others that say mod, mod, mod..

    My opinion is got with what YOU like and never look back :nice:

    Have fun and if you buy it WELCOME to the BULLITT Club
  11. Go for it.
  12. if i had a bullitt the only thing i would do is full pypes exhaust (sounds like the old bullitt) and some DD bullitt rims for the rear. thats seriously it.
  13. what about the shifter

    I bought a 08 bullitt and will pick it up in Aug. I have read in reviews that the throw on the shifter is long. Would it be worth it to put the hurst comp short throw shifter, like in the Shelby GT?
  14. I seen and heard the 08 Bullitt last weekend and I talked to the guy for a while. I wasnt impressed with the exhaust and I would change it. My 03 with the 3" flows sounds meaner. Other then that its a sweet car. His i think is like 626 or right around there.
  15. The Bullitt we have at work is sweet. Yea it already has 3.73's, and an air intake. Thats a dang good start. I would get one and tune it right away. The exhaust is a bit quiet. I'd deff. open that up a little. Think about it this way if you buy one would you keep it? If so, mod the shat out of it, just keep the origional parts. Its your car no one elses.
  16. Yes I would, I had the SLP loudmouth for mine before I picked it up, I knew I was getting one, just didn't know where I was going to get the best deal.

    The thing I don't like about the Bullitt exhaust is the mid-pipe has an orfice in the crossover H. It's so small it makes the exhaust sound like it doesn't have an H in it when you put louder (or no) mufflers on it. It kackles a lot through certain RPM ranges when you are on the power some.

    I'm trying to find a stock GT mid-pipe so I can get the crossover sound I want now. I know sound is a preference and mine is with crossover X's or H's.

    To me, as long as you can put your Bullitt back to stock, do whatever floats your boat, as you can see in my signature I have done some things to my Mach1 and I don't regret any one of them. Of course, I doubt that either of these Mustangs will become collectables in my lifetime so I am going to enjoy what I have and what I can do to them now.
  17. Just got an 08 Bullitt
    I have less that 1K miles on it. Probably will go with the K&N air filter instead of the FORD, and the Brenspeed turner..

    Bullitt #3054
  18. They should make it a crime to change the exhaust system on a Bullitt!! I will never understand why anybody would do that.. It was one of the reasons I bought mine!!
  19. Check out this criminal

  20. Modify away, but IMHO: Keep the exhaust, supercharge, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, stereo upgrades, keep the body and wheels as per factory.