'08 GT Options?

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  1. I remember the Ford Website had details on the options, but I still ahve some questions:

    Ambient lighting. What is it? Is it really worth $200?
    HID. Is it really that much brighter/nicer to justify it?
    Comfort package. What does it entail? Passenger power seats?

    Thanks for your patience.
  2. There was just recently a thread on the ambilight. It basically lights up the footwells with one of several different colors (i think) of light, plus the rings around the cup holders. Its not something you could do later and get the same fit and finish later for $200.

    HID headlamps - I got that option on mine. I don't think they are that bright, but I haven't used non-HID lamps in a mustang, either. You will be left with the regular style foglights, so you will have to different color lamps up front.

    Comfort group adds dual seat heat, power passenger seat, and I believe the auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass. Not positive on this one. I know my car has that group, with all those options, and the base v6 mustang that I am currently renting does not have it.
  3. Ambient Lighting - I don't ever use it unless it's to show off to a lady friend who's in the car with me.

    HIDs - The ford ones are a waste. Get the dual filament headlight kit + fog light kit from stangmods.com for about the same price as the headlight only option
  4. I think under-dash lights (ambient lighting) add a very elegant touch and would have then put in my car if it can be done at a reasonable price.

    On the other hand, itwill emphasize the short carpeting that Ford should have taken a few inches higher as well as the wires underneath. Usually, cars with underdash lights have a filler panel that extends further in to hide all stuff under the dash.
  5. Yo Guys! These are hot rods we are talking about. Not Caddys or Lincolns, nor are they Ferraris, They are American Made Mustangs. It is true history does repeat its self. From 05 muscle car, to 09 luxury limp,wimp. Leave all the junk off and lighten it up.
  6. Except these aren't hot rods anymore. They haven't been for years. Most people want a car that has creature comforts, and wouldn't buy it without. I am a car enthusiast (otherwise I would not be here) and I am very performance minded. I would not have, however, bought my new Mustang if it didn't have the options that it has. The small bit of added performance just isn't worth it. Many of us can't afford to have a dedicated car for driving fast, so we must sacrifice a slight bit and get something that is not only fun to drive, but comfortable to be in as well.