08 Mustang Gas Mileage

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  1. Whats the best mpg anyone has gotten with there stang? I calculated almost 27mpg with 1/4 street 3/4 highway with some peel outs and dropping gears. If I planned it right I could of seen my car do much better then 27 mpg. this was also in 100 degree weather. also cruise control. Last time I saw my car get this was up to Shaver Lake. My 50 mile to empty came on so I said crap gotta fill up. fill up. theres still over 3 gallons left. Im gnna say I could of gotten mid 28 mpg. weight in the car was the car plus one other person our luggage.

    Lancaster California to Lake Mead: Boulder City, Nevada.

    2008 GT/CS with intake and pype bomb axle-back
  2. wooops. also averaging 75-80 mph.
  3. My best cruising on highway at 75mph with A/C on was 31.2 mpg but I do have grandma 3.31 gears. LOL
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  4. My 2011 5.0 will do about 30 consistently (I got 31 once) on a commute of half interstate (70 mph) and half 2 lane road (60 mph), though it is still not fully broken in yet, so I'm expecting it to improve just a little more with time.

    My mother's 2005 GT will do about 32 mpg under the same, fairly ideal highway conditions. Being a few years older, it's broken in, and its tires are in a sweeter spot (at least for fuel economy) of lower rolling resistance that comes from age and wear.
  5. 08 mustang gt automatic transmission, haven't really looked at my gas mileage but my gas tank usually lasts up too 4 days sometimes a whole week! its tuned with the C&L cai. and I have baby gears too !! 3.31!!
  6. How are you guys getting in the 30s? Are there no street lights where you live? If I hit 18mpg I'm a happy camper.
  7. Lol! Tried to reply a few days ago, but I have been unable to stop laughing my haughty ass off, and as such I have just regained my composure.

    Let me get this straight; race car driver concerned over gas mileage. No?

    You wanna go out and blow the doors off minivans, endanger the lives of fellow pedestrians and motorist, driving like a child in a Honda; go ahead Bro. Just don't come whining back to me with your head between your legs crying about gas.

    Me, I get 100 kills per gallon, sitting perfectly still, in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I don't know what type of boy-racer, Paul Walker in a riced out Eclipse, type of "Fast and the Furious" dreams you are chasing. Don't care.

    Read my lips, bro; this ain't the forum.

    Edit: check the stickies. Noob.
  8. I have a 40 mile commute, mostly on the highway. About 6-8 miles of it is in the city, but I work at night, so once I get to the main road, all the lights are always green because there is no cross traffic at 4AM, so I can idle along in 6th at 40 mph and 1100 RPM without having to stop at all for that stretch.:)
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