08 v6 drivetrain woes

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by RR778, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. My buddy has a manual 08 v6 with the pony package.

    When in a higher gear at low rpm and at speed, if you accelerate or add throttle position it feels like something is spinning and the rear end unloads

    At 55 mph and 2k rpm or so in 6th if you add throttle it feel like something is slipping seriously

    However a 0-60 sprint or anything over 3.5k feels pretty strong

    Clutch? But I'd think a clutch would melt at higher rpm
    I thought maybe the rear was spinning cuz it was winter, but I'm not so sure here
    Throw out or pilot bearing?
  2. 50 k and no track days on the car, an no posi-trac
  3. sounds like clutch to me...
  4. Yah? Is 50 k about right for a clutch?

    I wonder if that covered under the extended warranty
  5. cluth wont be covered by warranty
  6. The higher the gear and the lower the rpm the less the clutch presses against the flywheel.
  7. Not true. The load or clamping force on the clutch disc is the same no matter the rpm or gear. In a lower gear and at a higher rpm the engine has an easier time in accelerating the vehicle, but the clamping forces of the clutch are the same.