$1.00 mod

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  1. I saw others do this, and finally got off of my fat ass and did it myself.
    I colored in the ponies on the hood liner with metallic blue marker.
    It matches up to the Windveil pretty nicely.
    Here are a couple of pics, as well as one of my ugly mug.
  2. Good idea. Can you tell me the brand of marker, kind of ink, etc. There are so many kinds out there it is unreal.
    I hope giving specifics so I can match what you did is not against forum rules.
    As for your ugly mug, I've seen uglier. Mine included.
  3. come on stan, i know what you are refering to, and that thread was out of line. talking about a marker is different than spam, so feel free to talk all about it.
  4. I truly did not mean anything by that comment. I have looked at markers at Wal-Mart and the like and the quantity and variety is enough to give a person a headache. I would just like to know EXACTLY what was used so I could repeat the results.
    And I truly did not know if that would violate any rules.
    The rules confuse me.
  5. I picked the marker up at Michaels crafts store.
    My daughter needed some clay for a project, and while I was there I remembered I wanted a blue metallic marker.
    I think I got very lucky on the color match, I didn't really have a choice of shades of blue.
    It is a Galaxy Marker, and the color is Lunar Blue.
    Hope this helps.
  6. your right, that is one ugly mug, j/k but seriously thats a cool mod that adds just enough ya know. its the little things like this that really make a car stand out at a show.
  7. Thanks for posting this!

    One of the reasons I love my stang is because of all the little touches like the ponies on the hood liner. I think I had my car for 2 months before I even noticed them, and I ran to call my wife and daughter to show them off when I discovered they were there. Thanks for the color note as well, my stang is the same color and I can see some other touch-up potental there as well.

    Now, anyone have a marker to match the parchment interior?

    Thanks again!
  8. Looks good, love the grille too!
  9. Thanks for the information. It looks great and I plan to imitate it.
    It is details such as this at car shows that can mean the difference between getting an award and going home with nothing.
  10. Although not to my taste, it is indeed a nice subtle touch.:nice: Has to be good for the show circuit, but now is no longer a secret...
  11. I like it. Too bad mine's Tungsten Grey. Not enough contrast to be worth the effort.
  12. Looks good, never seen that before. Adds a nice personal touch